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Yes, a few good moments with Mrs. Johnson.  I now get why Clarice Blackburn was so highly regarded.  Other than that, it’s a blur.  A wasteland.  The main thing I can say is that it’s incredibly obvious why they started introducing ghosts and phoenixes.  And a certain vampire.  What’s amazing is that it took them so long… a testament to the timidity of 1960′s daytime TV.  Not only did it take them a long time, they then would spend days and days on Burke with lawyers, etc.  Yep.  A real rollercoaster.  But I am about 1/12th of the way through and systems are a-okay.

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  1. Sweet Joe Bob reference! Are the slates not included in the coffin set?

  2. AdrianaI. Pena says:

    Lawyers!!! That could have been scary enough. But in those days lawyers were respected, so they could not be figures of menace…

    Nowadays, you could have the inhabitants of Colliwood break into a cold sweat when lawyers come in… Or you could have Julia sued for malpractice and risk losing Wyncliffe. I wonder who could sue Barnabas and why?

  3. Yes the early eps can be a chore. As you put it…a blur. Something to “get through” for the most part.

    Where did you get that shot of Caroline with the clipboard? What set are you watching? The new one that just came out? We used to watch on Netflix and always got a kick out of the clipboard. Sometimes the clipboard is just as entertaining as the episode.

    Well, hold on. Brighter days ahead. Barnabas appears in about 100 episodes and then you’ll say “Now we’re cookin’ with GAS!!”

    • Believe it or not, it’s at the front of ep. 100 on the original DVD set, not the massive coffin set! Joe Bob says check it out. I was as amazed as anyone. And since I watched it alone, that was a realizable feat.

      I agree about the brighter days. I’ve seen the show all the way through, but for some parts, it’s been thirty years. I’m enjoying seeing the storylines that are developed, knowing that they’ll be dropped or minimized once the Big B is unearthed. I also like watching the characters evolve. It’s the same texture I got from DS9 when I re-watched seasons 1-2 after getting though season 5 or 6.

      Thanks for cheerleading!

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