10th - Chilean Association of Librarians created
10th - NL votes to split into 2 divisions
11th - David Bowie releases “Space Oddity”
11th - Rolling Stones release “Honky Tonk Woman
12th - 98th British Golf Open: Tony Jacklin shoots a 280 at Royal Lytham
13th - Russia launches unmanned Luna 15 to Moon
13th - Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Ladies’ Supertest Golf Open
14th - “Futbol War” between El Salvador & Honduras begins
14th - Soccer war – Salvador-Honduras (1000 dead)
14th - WMUL (now WPBY) TV channel 33 in Huntington, WV (PBS) 1st broadcast
14th - The United States $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills are officially withdrawn from circulation.
15th - Cincinnati Red Lee May hits 4 HRs in a doubleheader
15th - Rod Carew ties record with his 7th steal of home in a season
16th - Apollo 11, carrying 1st men to land on Moon, launched
18th - Joe Namath agrees to sell interest in Bachelors 3, to stay in NFL
19th - Apollo 11 goes into Moon orbit
20th - 1st men on Moon, Neil Armstrong & Edwin Aldrin Jr, Apollo 11
20th - Carol Mann wins LPGA Danbury Lady Carling Golf Open
20th - Eddy Merckx wins Tour de France
21st - Neil Armstrong steps on Moon at 2:56:15 AM (GMT)
21st - Russia’s Luna 15 impacts moon after 52 lunar orbits
22nd - Aretha Franklin arrested for disturbing peace in Detroit
22nd - USSR launches Sputnik 50 & Molniya 1-12 communications satellite
23rd - 40th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 9-3 at RFK Memorial, Wash DC
23rd - All star MVP: Willie McCovey (SF Giants)
23rd - USSR performs nuclear Test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
24th - Apollo 11 returns to Earth
24th - Hoyt Wilhelm pitches in a record 907th major league game
24th - Muhammad Ali is convicted for refusing induction in US Army on appeal
25th - 1st performance of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Fillmore East, NY)
25th - 70,000 attend Seattle Pop Festival
25th - Edward Kennedy pleads guilty to leaving scene of an accident a week after the Chappaquiddick car accident that killed Mary Jo Kopechne
26th - Sharon Sites Adams, 39, becomes 1st lady to solo sail the Pacific
27th - 15th LPGA Championship won by Betsy Rawls
27th - Pioneer 10 launched
29th - Mariner 6 begins transmitting far-encounter photos of Mars
30th - Astros Denis Menke & Jim Wynn hit grandslams in 9th inn vs Mets
30th - Barbra Streisand opens for Liberace at International Hotel, Las Vegas
30th - Mariner 6 passes Venus on 3410 km (74 photos)
31st - Mariner 6 flies past Mars
31st - National Guard mobilizes in racial disturbances in Baton Rouge, La

1st - 110,000 attend Atlantic City Pop Festival
1st - 36th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: NY Jets 26, All-Stars 24 (74,208)
1st - Mariner 6 sends close-up photo’s of Mars
2nd - Bob Dylan makes surprise appearance at Hibbing HS Minn 10th reunion
2nd - Pres Nixon visits Romania
3rd - Reds beats Phillies 19-17
3rd - Sandra Spuzich wins LPGA Buckeye Savings Golf Invitational
4th - Willie Stargell is 1st to hit a HR outside of Dodger Stadium
5th - Mariner 7 flies past Mars
5th - Pirate Willie Stargell is 1st to hit a ball out of Dodger Stadium
6th - Balt Orioles pull their 3rd triple play (5-4-3 vs KC Royals)
9th - “Zorba” closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 305 performances
9th - Manson family commits Tate-LaBianca murders
10th - Don Sutton breaks his 13-game losing streak to Cubs with a 4-2 win
10th - Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Stroh’s-WBLY Golf Open
11th - Don Drysdale retires because of damage to his right shoulder
11th - Pittsburgh Steelers beat NY Giants 17-13 in Montreal (NFL expo)
12th - Boston Celtics sold for an NBA record $6 million
13th - Balt Oriole Jim Palmer no-hits Oakland A’s, 8-0
13th - Temp Commissioner Bowie Kuhn elected for 7-year term by unanimous vote
14th - British troops intervene militarily in Northern Ireland
14th - NY Mets fall 9½ games back, later to win pennant
15th - Woodstock Music & Art Fair opens in NY State (Max Yasgur’s Dairy Farm)
16th - Woodstock rock festival begins in NY
17th - -18] Hurricane Camille, kills 256 in Miss & Louisiana
17th - 51st PGA Championship: Ray Floyd shoots a 276 at NCR GC Dayton Ohio
17th - Carol Mann wins LPGA Southgate Ladies’ Golf Open
17th - NY Jets beat NY Giants 37-14 in their 1st meeting (pre season)
18th - Mick Jagger accidentally shot while filming “Ned Kelly”
19th - Chicago Cub Ken Holtzman no-hits Atlanta Braves, 3-0
20th - 69 cm rainfall in Nelson Co., Virginia (state record)