Elder God asks, “Are there any old-fashioned girls left,” on Craigslist. #dsxp #darkshadows

I have to confess to being a bit disturbed by the Jeb Hawkes storyline… in this sense. Jeb is having second thoughts on making Carolyn his Cthulian bride, and that's a good thing. Not saying otherwise. But his second thoughts are because she was repulsed (or he thinks she'd be repulsed) by his true form. He's appeared to her as Jeb, not as the Elder God or whatnot. But then she gets a glimpse of him as an Elder God and doesn't like it. So, given that this is a soap, I think we all know where this is going.


There is a common lament from both women and men (but, in conversation, the complaint typically comes from men) about one romantic partner wanting to “change” the other. And that's a bad thing.


The one saving grace in the storyline is that Jeb has totally misrepresented himself to Carolyn. He wants to be the “human avatar” he's created. Okay, I can handle that. But are any of us really who we appear to be on the first date? I know there will be those who say, “Oh, yes, I'm honest all of the time.” It's not that I'm too cynical to believe that. I just feel as if I've known too many people for too long. If someone says that, I'd run.


I'm not talking about outright duplicity. It can be as simple as wearing your best shirt or maybe a dab of London Gentleman or Blackbeard's Delight behind the ears. Is that a lie? Well, yes. If you don't own only shirts that are equally wonderful or wear that cologne every day, then yes, you are kind of lying.


The difference is that it's a lie that everyone knows is a lie. That makes it all right. How often I've been first dated by someone dressed, if not to the nines, then at least to the fours or fives. We all regress to our Leviathan forms at one time or another. I guess that's when the phrase “unconditional love” gets thrown in there, but I'm wary of the superficiality of this idea, also. It's all unconditional love until somebody loses an eye.


As strange as it sounds, I felt bad for Jeb as he sat by Carolyn's bedside and bemoaned the fact that she didn't love him in his true form. I kept thinking, “Jeb, find another girl. One who will love you with your insanity-generating tentacles and abyssal-colored eyes of cosmic despair. Try plentyoffish.com. That might work.”


It's bad enough when someone gets browbeaten into changing who they are to please a partner. It's even worse for an Elder God.

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  1. AdrianaI. Pena says:

    I dislike those “heel to face turn motivated by love”.. It is a cop-out by writers who realized thaty they do not have any other way out of a situation but to make one of the baddies fall in love and mend his way. Of course, Jeb’s addition completes the SG-1 team, Quentin: O’Neil, Julia: Sam, Barnabas: Daniel, Jeb: Teal’c. A few more aventrues and they’d be a seasoned team.. With Eliot Stokes as General Hammond.

    Then they had to kill Jeb and ruin it…

    But as I say, I dislkie love as a motivator to make evil characters become good overnight.

    I mean, if they were going to kill Jeb anyway, why no let him stay evil, and have him killed by Chris Jennings in his “wolf that walks like a man” mode? THAT’D I’d pay money to see.

    As for Nicholas, he has lost a big mission. He is in bad wtih the boss. He is basically a has been trying to recapture his glory days. It does not work, and he ends up in a worse stop, Two times loser. I doubt that his master is willing to give him more chances.

    They did not say what happened to Bruno. Do you think that he opened his own menswear shop?

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