She’s no John Gray. Or Leo Buscaglia. Thank goodness! #dsxp #darkshadows

“We forget how rare a life of love can be.  You’re not the only one who’s had so little hope. It’s a thing one learns to live with… if we have to.”

– Dr. Julia Hoffman, ep 1061

Hall sells this with clarity and subtlety. Ye gods, that woman can ACT!  And then she and Frid share glances that say everything wordlessly. The hugeness of her heart and wisdom is in how she cares for him in his pain for another woman.

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  1. Yeah, it was from her I learned how wonderful unrequited love could be…

    • I agree… although a statement like that has the potential for great satire ringing through it. Requited love is awshuckssweet. Unrequited love moves mountains.

  2. AdrianaI. Pena says:

    Poor Julia, She wanted him to love her. But the relationship she had with him at the end was both more and less than a romantic one. She was his partner. The one he trusted to get him out alive when the chips went down, (as she trusted him to get her out alive when the chips went down). That kind of relationship can be very deep and very meaningnful, but never in a romantic way (because in a romantic relatiiohship they may be reluctant to let the ohter walk into danger).

    Check teh last episode of “In Plain sight” where Marshall explains to Mary what he feels for her., “I love you. You are my partner, and my best friend. But I need to make my wife my first priority.”

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