DSXP Mission Debriefing 7.26.12 001

It’s been a day filled with enough action and activity that the scope of the anomie has yet to sink in. At this point, it just feels like a day off.

Nevertheless, I see Dark Shadows metaphors everywhere. It didn’t help that I watched Dead Again tonight, which is a movie that feels like it borrowed its plot and theme straight from the series.

My frustration, if you want to call it that, is that Dark Shadows is all I want to talk about. And I’m content if it stays that way. I have built muscles that I want to use. One of the possible mission outcomes would be one of over-saturation, and I’d be so sick of the series that I’d get rid of it all and make room in my life for new interests and hobbies. That’s not going to happen.

As a theatre director, I always say that I know how to direct a play once it’s about ready to close. I feel as if now I am finally in a position to properly begin the Dark Shadows Experiment all over again. Because I now see the whole mosaic at once, it’s time to push back in and examine it piece by piece. But I am averse to viewing the show in small doses. Doing it like that just seems alien now.

Think of our modern concept of “friend.” Two decades ago, it necessitated proximate interaction. Now, I’m friends with far more people virtually. I always know how they’re doing. They’re in easy reach. But some are celebrities with whom interaction would be silly and invasive. But they still fall under the Web 2.0 rubric of “friend.” And maybe they are. Seen that way, viewing Collinsporters as my friends is only a shade more ridiculous. They shared the summer with me, and I learned a lot from them.

That leads me to Phase Two and Phase Three.

Phase Two will take place over the Christmas/New Year’s time off. It’s a small diversion that will be entertaining to friends of the Foundation, but not DS-related. Want to guess what it is?

However, Phase Three will take place over the summer of 2013 and will focus on the pre-20th Century Shadows. It will have a similar marathon schedule, but for fewer hours a day, and will follow the show with Collinsport as the main character. We’ll begin in the 1600′s and move forward with maddening consistency, despite the jump in storylines.

Over the next few days, remind me to write about Sy Tomashoff, blue candles, how Barnabas and Angelique add up to a whole person, and the all-mighty power of the The. Just go with me on this.

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  1. Turtleman says:

    Is Phase 2 Star Trek, the original series?

    • Surprisingly, no. The key (and unannounced) rules to Endurance Viewings are that…
      1. Any side trip to a different show needs to be genre-related.
      2. Non-Dark Shadows material needs to be kept at a minimum, with a constant reminder that this is first and foremost a Dark Shadows site.
      3. It has to have started at least twenty years ago or more so that we can be secure in its pop-cultural importance.
      4. It has to have at least a hundred episodes under its belt.
      5. I have to be personally invested in it so that I have a reason to do it and continue.
      6. It has to benefit from marathon, cage-match, “Degree Absolute” viewings of monastic devotion.
      7. It’s qualities or reputation have to be of worthy, intellectual, historical merit… that has not been totally exhausted.
      8. Most vitally it must have a very strong sense of consistent, arc-driven action.

      STTOS fulfills almost all of those. But none of the Trek series really fulfill them all.

      (Yes, you could make arguments for Enterprise, but it was only Year Three that had one, big arc. Similarly, DS9 only begins to heavily invest in the Dominion three years to its run.)

      A lot of shows have some of those qualities, but few have all of them. But they exist.

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