Of course, I miss Collinsport. #dsxp #darkshadows

If I wanted to put it in terms familiar with the show, I’ve been staying at the Inn. Unable to leave the town. But now, whether I like it or not, I’ve boarded the ship that leads out. And if I dare look over my shoulder, I’ll see the Blue Whale and the Inn and, beyond it, Widow’s Hill, and the greatest estate of Collinwood.  And I know that I’ll never see these people again.  Not like I grew to know them this summer.

There has been one Dark Shadows fan who has been of particular help. And one of the things that she has noted as I make my transition from the Experiment to the “real world,” is that I have been living in Collinsport. And she’s right. Going back to everything else feels very strange.  Some of it simply has to do with the fact that I am no longer holed up in my home for 10 1/2 hours a day. (Which of course, means all day.)

At this point, I thought I would be delighted to be free of the constraints of the project I’d been working on. In fact, I thought I would be sick of the show. And why would I want that? Well, I have plenty of things about which I can be enthusiastic.  Frankly, having one less would have been a relief. But it didn’t turn out that way.

One of the things I have to do is figure out what to do with this space for the present. I’m not going to say that it boils down to getting attention, because it’s a very select audience. However, I will admit that I have enjoyed interactions with that small but dedicated audience. On one hand, I want to ask and am asking… what is it you want? And I mean that in a nice way.  What is it that I can bring you? I mean, I have opinions about everything under the sun. And if you enjoyed the way I spoke about Dark Shadows, well, I can certainly provide that about other shows, other events in the media, and things that just happen to be on my mind. But I think it’s extremely important to be true to the television series which inspired this website and whose name represents that source of inspiration.

So, is there a Collinsport frame of mind? Is there a way of looking at the media and art and events from that perspective? I want there to be. I mean I certainly know that it exists for Star Trek. So, can it exist with our show? Our community?

One thing seems certain.  I need to spend time with the show every day if possible. How many of you do that? How many of you have that break built into your regular day? I suspect it’s quite a number of you.

For now, I have some basic questions. And correspondence and answers would be most helpful. For one thing, would you enjoy daily videos? They might be a bit more rough and ready and no doubt good deal shorter, but it might be fun to editorialize a bit every day on this and that.

And I still have essay topics.  I never got around to writing about Sy Tomashoff.  The concept of “androcentrism” in Dark Shadows.  The comparison and contrast with Star Trek.  And my bewildering — especially to me — sense of kinship and protectiveness toward the memory of actor Don Briscoe.

Most importantly, I’ve yet to write about Barnabas and Angelique.  Because it all comes down to them.  I may even have to turn my pen to a bit of fan fiction, if only to finish a story that, while solved in the metaphor of 1841 PT, never manifested itself on the show.

There is a story that needs to be told.

For tomorrow, though, I need to reflect on what a difference it made to watch the show all at once, and why I’m reluctant to try it any other way.

For now, I’ll simply say that it all comes down to Angelique.


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  1. Sy Tomashoff.  The concept of “androcentrism” in Dark Shadows.  The comparison and contrast with Star Trek.

    I’d say those top my want list right now. I’m very interested in your thoughts on those subjects.

  2. AdrianaI. Pena says:

    Writing on the subject is a good way of not leaving Collinsport entirely. Reading fan fiction, even when infuriating (for getting things wrong) is another way. Of course, when you write your own stuff, you reinterpret and recreate it, and end up believing that your version is the One True Version , and are ready to fight others to the death to defend it…

    Seriously I would like to see your essays. I have some in the works. I do tackle in teh theological issue by pointing out that in many horror stories evil is seen as being outside human beings instead of part of their own makeup. So it often ends up being the story of blameless innocent being attacked by a supernatural evil, instead of the more common story of a person, due to his or her own corruption looking for a weapon to be more corrupt and stumbling on supernatural power.

    Kind of like Barnabas blaming his curse when he made lousy decisions. And no one to tell thim that vampirism is no excuse for stupidity.

    As for teh love story of Barnabas and Angelique, I wonder if a happy ending is deserved, given all the collateral damage that love story caused. Some collateral damage can still come bite them in the ass.

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