The Battle for Babylon 5 is on! #dsxp #b5xp #babylon5

We interrupt our appreciation of television’s most important series to confront the past.  In the future.

The holidays are a time for close confinement with relatives.  Usually fights break out.  Long-simmering grudges boil to the surface.

And you might even mend a fence or two with those relatives.

It’s time I got to know some of mine.  Specifically…

Five seasons.

Six movies.

A spinoff.

Something about Rangers.  I think G’Kar’s in it.

6027 minutes in total.  

Twenty years of avoidance.

See, I worked off-and-on there for the pilot and second year of the show.

And when you work at the Ford plant six days a week, you don’t go to the Chevy plant on your day off.  So, I never really watched it.

But the show is considered the “first great novel for television.”  Its creator has become ubiquitous.  The show has become part of the fabric of science fiction.  And the beloved Nick and Nora Charles of Trek, no less than the Okudas like it!

I must take on the whole shebang.  Find out what I’ve been running from.

Be there.  Ranting may ensue.  Or the show may prove itself and win me over.  I promise to be kind of objective.

It’s a time for miracles, after all.

Babylon 5, I give you ten days of my life.

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  1. AdrianaI. Pena says:

    Here is the Babylon 5 mantra
    Repeat after me

    1.Ivanova is always right.
    2.I will listen to Ivanova.
    3.I will not ignored Ivanovas recommandations.
    4.Ivanova is God.
    5.If it is ever happened again, Ivanova will personaly rip your lungs uot.

  2. AdrianaI. Pena says:

    Also this reflection: The Universe is not fair. And that is a good thing. How horrible would it be if everything that happened to us was deserved…

  3. AdrianaI. Pena says:

    Remember. “Ivanova is always right.”

    and “if you are going to do somethings stupid, you must fully document it fully, for future reference.”

  4. Turtleman says:

    Tis a brave new world you venture into laddie,,,don’t let the goblins of the past intrude…TM

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