My Dark Shadows To-Do List. #dsxp #darkshadows

Upload those videos.  With bumpers?  Yes?  No?

The Androcentricism Essay.  Or is it more of a set of notes?  Include discussion of the form of cruelty that seems peculiarly feminine.  

The Star Trek comparison.

Name the Jonbar Hinge episodes.

Detail the arc of Collinwood as a character.  How is its beginning defined by its end?

Detail the arc of Barnabas (post 1795).  Must find rational progress defined by each storyline.  How is each one a point of no return toward the character’s end?

Discuss what a return to 1971 might have really been like.  Or what it should have been like.

Just thinking aloud to keep myself honest.




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  1. AdrianaI. Pena says:

    I mean, I know, it is tragic that he has to bite folks for his supper, but did he have to make it so hard? Waiting until the last moment until he is out of control. Emoting insteada of trying to make it easy. Scaring them needlessly so taht they would fight and end up strangled. Just try to get the calm, take just what you need, and sned them on their way, after making them forget. If he did that, he would have had a lot less headaches… But then he would not have any drama…

    Which serves as an example of why such Hamlets are not chosen to manage crises…

  2. AdrianaI. Pena says:

    Dear Patrick: Re: the arc of Barnabas, the subscript might be “taming the inner Hamlet.” Seriously, I think that a lot of Barnabas’ troubles came from his making a Federal Case out of everything, instead of trying to think a quick solution.

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