It’s not about politics… in this case.


Total tangent.

I really disliked the ATLAS SHRUGGED movie.  Because it was bad.

Stumbled on this, and when I saw it had been recast, and read that the screenplay would be a little different, I got interested.  Then I saw the trailer.

Okay, this is more like it.  It seems to capture the spirit of the book, and do it engagingly.  Like the book, not like the book… not really important.  If all I get is this trailer, I feel like I can point at it and say, “Yeah, that’s an ATLAS SHRUGGED movie.  A real one.”


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  1. Turtleman says:

    Hmmm? I really liked this trailer. It’s been a very long time since I read the book, and frankly I don’t remember too much except its general premise (yes, I try to check my premises, Ms. Rand). The interesing thing about the trailer is that from what I saw and heard is that Ayn Rand could easily been writing about today’s political-social-economic environment in the US. I will definitely see the movie…it is easier and more interesting than rereading the book. Thank you, realmccray!

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