Outsmart the Burton and win free Blu Rays of DARK SHADOWS 2012 and SHERLOCK series 1!  dsxp #darkshadows

Our first contest!  So, they make this movie with Kathryn Leigh Scott, Lara Parker, David Selby, Christopher Lee, and Jonathan Frid.  And they barely use Mr. Lee and have the rest for scenery!

Well, while making as few changes to the screenplay as possible, how would you have used Scott, Parker, Lee, Selby, and Frid?

The contest ends at noon, eastern time, October 31st!

Send in answers to charltonx@me.com, look for them here, and find out the winner on Halloween!!
Answers will be judged by creativity, a great use of their talent, and fidelity to the spirit of Dark Shadows!  
The winner will become the proud owner of the brand new, unopened Blu Rays of the 2012 film by Tim Burton titled DARK SHADOWS and the first series of the hit BBC show, SHERLOCK!  Why SHERLOCK? Proof that an old franchised can be modernized.  Really well.
Then let the games begin!
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  1. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames) says:

    I have not yet seen the Burton version, but I have great respect for those actors and would have used them much more significantly.

  2. AdrianaI. Pena says:

    Forgot Christopher Lee: British businessman looking on the cannery as investment.

  3. AdrianaI. Pena says:

    Let’s see:

    Frid: Caretaker at the cemetery. Tells story of spooky goings-on to those investigating it.

    Selby: Farmer interviewed by reporters. Tends to answer as “As Abraham Lincoln said”

    Parker: Shop owner. Angelikque stops there, very haughty When she lieaves, Parker makes catty comment about her,

    Scott: Harried waitress that gets orders wrong.

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