It’s always midnight on the Final Frontier… #stxp #dsxp #startrek


I don't think we're in Collinsport this summer, Willie.  But we'll get back.  If it's the last thing we do. More news soon. … [Read more...]

GO RONDO IN 2014! #darkshadows #rondoawards


The Collinsport Historical Society --  that fit, active James Bond to the Foundation's flabby, boozy Matt Helm -- is again nominated for that top award in horror, THE RONDO.  This was an explosive year for the CHS... a Jonathan Frid memorial documentary, numerous podcasts covering every corner of DS' past and future, and a whole book!  Not to mention some great drink recipes, one of which involved BACON! Now, I can't tell you for whom you should vote.  But I will say that Wallace put in an astounding amount of work, bringing DARK SHADOWS fans hundreds of dollars worth of show history and entertainment for free.  And I mean, hundreds of dollars per fan, were it to have been sold as a package.  It is a place of endless imagination and passion and detailed, precise excellence.  If you appreciate DARK SHADOWS and what CHS does, then vote! … [Read more...]

Guest Commentary & Update

In the midst of a major work project and a special announcement that delayed the final video log for the DSXP 4.1. That will all come soon. In the meantime, enjoy guest commentary from the fabulous Adriana Peña... I am doing a Dark Shadows reboot, a reimagining of what the series could be like if they did it today, and they put me in charge (dream on). And yet I know it to be a futile endeavor. How it looked today, what it meant to us, cannot be recaptured. We are older, we have learned a few things (and some of them were taught by it), we cannot see it with the same eyes (in those days we had not learned yet that Barnabas was as its scariest not when he bared his fangs but when he said "I have a plan" since he channeled Baldric then). We did not see the plot holes, we did not see the inconsistencies, we overlooked certain things.   Barnabas was for us what we needed him to be, and each of us saw it somewhat differently - and given those versions then we ask "what was the … [Read more...]


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