Comics Reviewed!

To answer Lasersharkbear, the comics are great.  Manning captures the individual voices to perfection, so much so that I can vividly hear the actors as I’m reading.  The stories clip along, and the sets are exact.  I especially liked seeing them from new angles, really investing in the architectural truth of Collinwood.  And, back to the stories, they are grappa from Dark Shadows‘ wine, really cramming in everything lovable about the show into a brief format that’s excellent for newcomers.  It’s what DS fans experience when we watch the show.
I only have three cavils.  First off, while Angelique is exquisitely portrayed and expanded upon as a character, I just don’t easily buy her reverting back to evil after the events in 1841.  Yes, she’s a great villain, but sending her off as a greater heroine and Barnabas‘ TRUE “true love” was just a beautiful way to end those characters.  I was sorry to see it go.  The second cavil is silly, but it is a flaw in the continuity they established.  Since when do DS werewolves talk?  That’s impossibly geeky, but the whole idea that an articulate man can be reduced to a raving beast is the essence of the werewolf’s terrifying tragedy. This approach helped the storytelling. And maybe we can chalk it up to Angelique’s woojoo, but still….
My final nit is with the artwork.  I just prefer more photorealism. Having said that, the art captures the look of the characters very well, and if you like Argento movies, you’ll love the “lighting” supplied by the colorist.
Overall, far more good than, at worst, vaguely puzzling.  I dearly hope the comic continues.  Stuart Manning did the great job I would have expected.  A must-buy!