There’s a boat that’s leaving soon for Collinsport….

So, as it turns out, the show I’m working on will cause me to miss opening night of the movie. And I have mixed feelings on that, of course. On one hand, this is a movie I’ve been waiting on for 30 years.  On the other hand, it’s not exactly the movie I was hoping I would get. Now, I have heard some pretty good cases for it, but this is a situation where people have had to make cases for a movie. Nobody was making cases for The Avengers. Nobody’s making cases for The Dark Knight Rises.
I’m really not getting into into detail regarding my feelings on the preview for the movie. I’ve expressed those to my friends. I can pretty safely say, however, that the movie has a lot to prove. And I don’t think it’s crazy to say that a lot of people will probably walk out of the film saying, “That wasn’t the film I was expecting, and I’m not sure it has much to do with the show, but it was pretty good, anyway.” Best case scenario, I think we’ll be hearing that a lot. At least, from some fans of the original.
So, give all of this, and given the fact that I won’t be able to see the film with my friends on opening night, it’s actually made me wonder whether or not I’m going to see the movie… at all. And that’s not me being petulant, although I can see how some people might find it that way. I respect the people who have defended the trailer and the direction in which Mr. Burton has decided to take the film. But I now find myself asking if this is a movie I need in my life at all.  If there were a different title and the characters had other names, and I saw the same trailer with the same actors, it really doesn’t look like a movie I’d go see. So, the only reason I would be going to see it would be because it had to do with the franchise. But it’s not really what I was expecting would be done with the franchise. Looking back on it, I would’ve been just as happy to skip Mr. Burton’s Batman movie. I’ve joked to some people that now I’m just waiting for Christopher Nolan to come along and make a straighter version. Maybe one called Barnabas Begins. Is this means sticking my head in the sand? I don’t know. The only thing I know is that, if I don’t see the movie, then the worst Dark Shadows movie I will have ever seen is Night of Dark Shadows, and I understand why that had problems, and what Dan Curtis and the writers originally intended.  And I still kinda like that film.
Still, for one brief shining moment right now, DS  is one of the hottest properties in the media. And I have to love that. And can I love it completely without exploring every thing that’s going to happen with it? It’s a strange question. One that I never thought I would be asking.