“We choose to watch all of Dark Shadows in 45 days not because it is easy, but because it is hard.”

It’s nearly T-3.  Even in the brief span since I began my pre-launch ravings and now, I feel as if a century has passed.  Much has happened as the work year has wound down.  It will be good to begin.

The “secret” to which I alluded a week or two ago is twofold.  Yes, the secret behind why I’m doing this, beyond the “unsecrets” of loving the show and taking the chance to spend time with it.  I have an opportunity to demonstrate discipline.  I’ve tried to do so before.  Mixed results.  This, though, is quite different.  For one thing, I’m flanking the internet on every front I know.  If I fail, then the public, however small, will know.  But this also has purpose-driven parameters.  That’s appealing, too.

Most importantly, it lets me set boundaries on myself and my time.  Often, I let my summers get frittered away by distractions.  There’s no rest and then months of regrets for the things I didn’t accomplish.  If I pull this off, it’s one for the records.  At least, it’s one for mine.

Right now, I’m just trying to suss out a regimen that will keep me healthy and happy as I try all of this.  For the sake of my neighbor, I can’t integrate exercise until a decent hour.  But I want to walk for at least three of the episodes per day.  After doing lots and lots of mathematics, it still comes out to 28 episodes/day.

I may just have to go with set times and see where that leads me.  I know that I’ll be going for ten hours or so.  What?  11:00am?  2:00pm?  5:00pm?  That sounds reasonable.  My lunch hour is 12-1, away from the show, and my broadcasting day begins at 7:00am sharp.

Just to clarify a couple of things… or to restate them… I won’t be seated constantly.  I have many projects that I can work on while the show is going on.  It’s pretty repetitive (up to a point), and since I’ve seen it before, I can watch, at times, “with one eye.”  This is a fun experiment, not A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.  If all goes as planned, my sleep hygiene will improve, I’ll get more exercise, will catch the morning sun (taking the show with me), and make the most of my evenings.

I’m also happy to have visitors to watch with me, chat during extra exposition, and maybe sneak in a game of Dominion or two.  And I have a writing project that I’ll noodle around on… with a due date of July 1, so don’t let me forget.  More on that another time.

Let’s light this candle!