As I suspected…

So, I’m just now watching an interview with the author of the DARK SHADOWS movie, and sure enough, he was hired on having no knowledge of the series.  He was helped out by being given compilation discs of, in his words, the best of “seasons.”  Yes, even after all of this, he still thinks of the show as existing in “seasons.”  That would be like someone adapting Shakespeare, and calling the Acts “chapters” or “blackouts” or something.  Really?  Honestly?

Remember how people complained about Stuart Baird on NEMESIS?  He had no knowledge of the series, and it showed.  Well, we may have the Stuart Baird of DARK SHADOWS writing on our hands.

Say what you will about the fellas who wrote STAR TREK ’09, at least they knew the canon.  And the more I watch that movie, the more I feel that they really got the sense of the characters right.  In many cases, they improved them.  I have a feeling that Walter and Nichelle would have loved doing the script, were they age-appropriate.

Of course, that movie also had Ben Cross going for it.

I’ve had conversations with people who’ve asked if anything could have been done with DARK SHADOWS other than comedy, and I just stare at them.  Until pointing to STAR TREK ’09 on Aisle One and DARK SHADOWS: KINGDOM OF THE DEAD on Aisle Two.  On Aisles Three and Four, find CASINO ROYALE ’06 and BATMAN BEGINS, respectively.

So, yes, this explains it.