Bad Advice

Sam Evans and Conrad Bain!!!  Together!

“A sober man is an unhappy man.  That’s the Sam Evans motto, free of charge.”

— Sam Evans, ep. 11

Then Conrad gives him coffee.

Conrad Bain is easily the most important character in the series.  Not Mr. Wells.  That’s just a mask.  No.  Conrad Bain.  And, like all great power, he works behind the scenes.  So much so that we barely see him.  But he’s there.  So very, very there.

Not Judah Zachary.  Conrad.  Bain.  The signs are all there.

Conrad Bain at the Orpheum Theatre
Conrad Bain at the Orpheum Theatre (Photo credit: tbone_sandwich)
Conrad Bain.
Conrad Bain. (Photo credit: WikipediaConrad gives him coffee.