Backstage Fan Fiction #dsxp #darkshadows

Thayer David: eHarmonizer 1966

a play by Patrick McCray

Act One

David Ford studies his script at a make-up vanity.  Thayer David approaches.

Thayer David: So, David.  Um, Nancy.  And you.  Wow.  Really?

David Ford: (silence)

Thayer David: Think I have a shot with Alexandra?  Maybe?

David Ford: (silence)

Thayer David: Kathryn?

David Ford: (silence)


Act Two

Three hours later.  Thayer David has locked David Ford into a stall in the Carnegie Hall men’s room.

Thayer David: Joan?

David Ford: (silence)

Thayer David: Lou?

David Ford: (silence)

Thayer David: Lela?  Craft services?


Act Three

David Ford and Thayer David at the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building.

David Ford: (walks away)

Thayer David: (muttering) You’ve not heard the last of Thayer David, Ladies Man.

Slow fade.

 –The End–