Twitter Roleplaying #darkshadows

If you do twitter DS Roleplaying, write back and share how you got started and why. I’m fascinated!

Last night, I found myself in a conversation with Jameson Collins, and he was seeking advice on how to approach Worthington Hall. It was interesting. My approach in any RP is always to deviate from/expand upon a mythical setting. Others prefer to stay within the set parameters of the show, using Twitter as the internal monologue for the character. When responding to Jameson, Mission Control and I discussed who I was in this universe of the DS 1897, since that would inform my responses. After much thought, it’s important to stay in character, even if they are part of an expanded universe. If you need me in character in DS, know me as the traveling illusionist and Master of Mesmerism, Professor Lucius Brimstone, here for an extended stay and in covert search for the Head of Judah Zachary.