DSX 6.5.12 Day 4 VideoLog

Not a great day for the show.  As I explain, the (marbled) kitchen sink banalities of the era-appropriate tropes just became numbing.  Armed with hindsight, it’s very easy to seize upon “the good stuff” (ghosts, at this point) and wonder privately why they didn’t go whole-hog from the start.  Curtis was pretty new to drama, and I feel like I’m watching him get oriented before cutting loose.  It is extremely clear why Barnabas was such a revolutionary character.  As far as TV went, yes, it really could get that dull.  Not always.  This was the same 1966 that gave us STAR TREK, BATMAN, PET SOUNDS, and the amazing third season of GILLIGAN’S ISLAND.  Still, we’re now in the midst of November, and the ignored potential is either going to make or break the show.  History tells us which.