At last… “one of those episodes”! #dsxp #darkshadows

Well, to be a DS fan means being patient.  Episodes 190-191 are it!  The first major supernatural storyline (the Phoenix) comes to a flaming end!  And it was time.  Seeing an episode like this, where things really come together, is a bit like being William Shatner in the “Nightmare” TWILIGHT ZONE episode.  You tell people over and over there’s lots of action on “the wing of the plane,” but when they look, they see just Joe Haskell talking about getting a tuna boat.  Well, here we are.  Vicky is tough.  Diana Millay goes out in high style, and I had my first real feeling of satisfaction of the week.  There have been many gratifying and intriguing moments, and the Bill Malloy story ends due to supernatural intervention, but this was the first (beautiful) monster to enter as such and leave as such.  Wow!  In commemoration, I’m starting a “Notable Episodes” section.  They are far from the only notable episodes, but they work!  There is a special satisfaction in following a story for this long and seeing it pay off that prime time really can’t touch.

Being a DARK SHADOWS fan is strangely monastic, and that’s not merely an observation made by someone devoted to an indubitably monastic co-existence with the show.  To be a fan of the show means to give to the show.  Giving time, attention, focus, and love.  When it pays off, it pays off marvelously.

By the way, it was nice to see Burke get on the team to defeat evil.  I knew he had it in him!