Day 7: covering shows aired from 2.21.67 – 3.30.67 #dsxp #darkshadows

Feb 22nd – Barbara Garson’s “MacBird,” premieres in NYC
Feb 22nd – 25,000 US & S Vietnamese troops launched Operation Junction City, offensive to smash Viet Cong stronghold near Cambodian border
Feb 23rd – 25th amendment (presidential succession) declared ratified
Feb 23rd – John Herbert’s “Fortune & Men’s Eyes,” premieres in NYC
Feb 23rd – US troops begin largest offensive of Vietnam War
Feb 27th – Dominica gains independence from England
Feb 28th – Wilt Chamberlain sinks NBA record 35th consecutive field goal
Mar 1st – Dominica & St Lucia gain independence from Britain
Mar 1st – House of Reps expels Rep Adam Clayton Powell Jr (307 to 116)
Mar 1st – Queen Elizabeth Hall (South Bank Center) opens in London
Mar 2nd – 9th Grammy Awards: Strangers in Night, Michele wins
Mar 3rd – Grenada gains partial independence from Britain
Mar 3rd – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Mar 3rd – White Sox given permission to use semi-DH in training camp with home club permission (use of pinch hitter twice in same game)
Mar 4th – Ice Dance Championship at Vienna won by Towler & Ford (GRB)
Mar 4th – Ice Pairs Championship at Vienna won by Belousova & Protopopov (USSR)
Mar 4th – Men’s Fig Skating Championship in Vienna won by Emmerich Danzer (AUT)
Mar 4th – Worlds Ladies Fig Skating Champion in Vienna won by Peggy Fleming (US)
Mar 6th – 2nd Academy of Country Music Awards
Mar 6th – Jimmy Hoffa enters Lewisburg Federal Prison
Mar 6th – Muhammad Ali is order by selective service to be inducted
Mar 6th – Stalin’s daughter Svetlana Allilujeva asks for political asylum in US
Mar 7th – Clark Gesner’s musical “You’re a Good Man, premieres in NYC
Mar 7th – Teamster pres Jimmy Hoffa begins 8-year jail sentence for defrauding the union & jury tampering (commuted Dec 23, 1971)
Mar 8th – New Orleans Saints begin selling season tickets (20,000 sold 1st day)
Mar 9th – Svetlana Allilueva, Stalin’s daughter, defected to the West
Mar 11th – Pink Floyd releases their 1st single (Arnold Layne)
Mar 12th – Austria’s Reinhold Bachler ski jumps 505 feet
Mar 12th – Indonesian congress deprives president Sukarno of authority
Mar 13th – Congo sentences ex-premier Moise Tsjombe to death
Mar 13th – Robert Anderson’s “You Know I Can’t Hear You …,” premieres in NYC
Mar 14th – 1st NFL-AFL common draft, Balt Colts pick Bubba Smith
US President John F. Kennedy

Mar 14th – JFK’s body moved from temporary grave to a permanent memorial
Mar 15th – Marshal Arturo da Costa e Silva sworn in as pres of Brazil
Mar 15th – WSJK TV channel 2 in Sneedville/Knoxville, TN (PBS) 1st broadcast
Mar 16th – Pirate Radio Station 333 (Radio Britain) ship breaks down
Mar 18th – Beatles’ “Penny Lane,” single goes #1
Mar 18th – Oil tanker Torrey Canyon hits a rock & spills oil
Mar 19th – Fr Somaliland (Djibouti) votes to continue association with France
Mar 20th – Supremes release “The Happening”
Mar 22nd – Muhammad Ali KOs Zora Folley in 7 for heavyweight boxing title
Mar 24th – U of Mich holds 1st “Teach-in” after bombing of North Vietnam
Mar 25th – The Turtle’s “Happy Together” goes #1
Mar 25th – USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
Mar 25th – Who & Cream make US debut at Murray the K’s Easter Show

Mar 26th – 21st Tony Awards: Homecoming & Cabaret win

Mar 26th – Pope Paul VI publishes encyclical Populorum progressio
Mar 28th – “Sherry!” opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 65 performances
Mar 28th – UN Sect General U Thant makes public proposals for peace in Vietnam
Mar 30th – Cover picture of Beatles’ “Sgt Pepper’s” is photographed