Episode 205! Barnabas sighting! #dsxp #darkshadows

Willie was just led to the portrait by David! The eyes glow. The heart beats. And it’s Willie’s greed that drives all of this. Thinking about the story as a whole, it seems clear that releasing Barnabas is the best thing that could’ve ever happened for the Collins family and for Collinsport, itself. Were it not for Barnabas, Quentin’s ghost would’ve killed to David, and the ghost of Judah Zachary would have eventually destroyed the family, Collinwood, and perhaps Collinsport itself. Yes, Judah was driven by the vice of wrath, but Willie was driven by the vice of honest greed. It’s interesting that with all of his power and all of his insight, and Judah’s centuries of machinations were eventually undone by simple, human avarice.