Day 11 Mid-day Musings

I don’t envy the person who tries to get into the show at this point.  “Burke and Vicky inspect real estate as Barnabas looks on suspiciously,” is one description of an episode.  That’s typical at this point.  It feels like a very mechanical way to resolve the consequences of the Maggie-as-captive storyline, while awkwardly shifting the focus of the show onto Vicky and Burke.  If I see Barnabas sneak into Vicky’s room and just stand there… one… more… time…

Oh wait.  He’s doing it, now.  He’s like the Tooth Fairy who keeps checking on the wrong kid.

Considering how tight and intense the story had been previously, and how wild things will get, this section is arguably lacking.  The writers feel lost, and the sense of stakes to the story are pretty much gone.  The one thread that they’d pick up on and continue is Dr. Julia Hoffman.  She has yet to be swooning.  Instead, she’s canny, powerful, and razor-sharp.  I very much enjoyed her opening salvo to Barnabas.  It’s once of the first — and only cases of a scientist so focused on understanding vampirism.  It’s a perfect meld of science and the supernatural, and one worthy of Quatermass.  In fact, she’s already begun the injections.

I have to wonder if my restlessness with the plot is a restlessness with the project.  But that’s something I predicted.  A three-day break begins tomorrow, and that might perk me up.

Even as I’ve written this, Barnabas is contemplating what freedom from vampirism might do.  Now this is interesting!  And Julia’s jealousy is beginning to simmer.  Enough ruminating.  The story’s picking up.