A Day without Dark Shadows

It’s very strange to be away from the show and from Collinwood.  Rather than enjoy the freedom, it makes me feel a little lost.  I miss the show and the characters very much. This is something I wasn’t expecting.  Remember that sense of home that I spoke of?  I feel as if I might be missing just that, strange as it sounds. And as absurd as it is.  I’ve now spent well over a hundred hours with this strange family, and miss ’em.  Especially now that they have the characterizations down.  Some might argue that I miss the structure and routine.  Nope. I miss Collinwood.  I have a work event that continues trough tomorrow, and then Saturday is my regularly scheduled day off — filled with other activities.  So, it won’t be until Sunday that I get back “home.” This is probably for the best.  It prevents burnout.  In fact, it was scheduled that way on purpose.

I thought I’d relish today.  I relished sleeping in.  But beyond that? There’s no place like home.