Day 12: covering shows aired from 9.6.67 — 10.13.67

Sep 8th – Surveyor 5 launched; makes soft landing on Moon Sept 10
Sep 8th – Uganda abolishes traditional tribal kingdoms, becomes a republic
Sep 8th – The formal end of steam traction in the North East of England by British Railways.
Sep 9th – 1st successful Test flight of a Saturn V
Sep 9th – Debra Dene Barnes (Kansas), 20, crowned 40th Miss America 1968
Sep 9th – Uganda declares independence from Great Britain
Sep 10th – 81st US Womens Tennis: Billie Jean M King beats Ann H Jones (119 64)
Sep 10th – 87th US Mens Tennis: John Newcombe beats Clark Graebner (64 64 86)
Sep 10th – Chic White Sox Joel Horlen no-hits Det Tigers, 6-0
Sep 10th – Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Pacific Golf Classic
Sep 10th – Gibraltar votes 12,138 to 44 to remain British & not Spanish
Sep 10th – Joel Horlen revives Chicago’s pennant hopes with a 5-0 no-hit win
Sep 11th – A’s drop grievance filed with Natl Labor Relations against C Finley
Sep 11th – Beatles’ Magical Mystery Bus driven around England
Sep 11th – French president De Gaulle visits Poland
Sep 11th – Indian/Chinese border fights
Sep 11th – US Surveyor 5 makes 1st chemical analysis of lunar material
Sep 14th – Melville Abrams Ball Field in Bronx named
Sep 14th – Thomas Pell Wildlife Refuge & Sanctuary opens in Bronx
Sep 16th – Anni Pede runs female world record marathon (3:07:26)
Sep 16th – KPAZ TV channel 21 in Phoenix, AZ (IND) begins broadcasting
Sep 16th – USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
Sep 17th – “Mission Impossible” premieres on CBS-TV
Sep 17th – Mount Washington cog railway train derails, kills 8 (NH)
Sep 17th – New Orleans Saints 1st NFL game, they lose to LA Rams 27-13
Sep 17th – Shirley Englehorn wins LPGA Shirley Englehorn Golf Invitational
Sep 18th – Intrepid (US) beats Dame Pattie (Aust) in 21st America’s Cup
Sep 19th – Nigeria begins offensive against Biafra
Sep 20th – Benin separates from Nigeria
Sep 20th – British liner Queen Elizabeth II launched at Clydebank Scotland
Sep 20th – Hurricane Beulah hits Texas-Mexican border, kills 38
Sep 21st – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Sep 22nd – Phillies release pitcher Dallas Green, their future manager
Sep 22nd – USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
Sep 23rd – Greek Colonels regime frees ex-premier Georgios Papandreou
Sep 23rd – Radio Malta stops testing
Sep 24th – Cards Jim Bakken kicks 7 field goals vs Steelers
Sep 24th – Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Mickey Wright Golf Invitational
Sep 26th – Dmitri Shostakovitch’s 2nd Violin concert, premieres in Moscow
Sep 27th – Phillies Jim Bunning ties NL record of 5, 1-0 losses in a year
Sep 27th – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Sep 28th – Walter Washington elected 1st mayor of Washington, DC
Sep 29th – Gladys Knight & Pips releases “I Heard it Through the Grapevine”
Sep 29th – Intl Monetary Fund reforms world monetary system
Sep 29th – Mickey Hart joins the Grateful Dead & plays the Straightater
Sep 30th – BBC starts their own popular music radio station
Sep 30th – Palace of Fine Arts reopens (1st time during 1915 exposition)
Sep 30th – USSR’s Kosmos 186 & 188 complete 1st automatic docking
Oct 1st – Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Ladies’ LA Golf Open
Oct 1st – Pink FLoyd’s 1st US tour (arrives in NYC)
Oct 2nd – Grateful Dead members arrested by narcotic agents
Oct 2nd – Groundbreaking begins on Veteran Stadium in Philadelphia
Oct 2nd – Mickey Wright wins LPGA Seven Lakes Golf Invitational
Oct 2nd – Thurgood Marshall sworn in as 1st black Supreme Court Justice
Oct 3rd – King Boudouin inaugurates world’s biggest floodgate (Antwerp)
Oct 3rd – William Knight sets X-15 speed rec of 7,297 KPH/4,534 MPH/Mach 6.72
Oct 4th – 1st World Series since 1948 not to feature Yanks, Giants or Dodgers
Oct 4th – Omar Ali Saifuddin III of Brunei abdicates in favour of his son, His Majesty Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.
Oct 6th – Haight-Ashbury hippies throw a funneral to mark end of hippies
Oct 7th – Beatles turn down $1 million NY concert offer by Sid Berstein
Oct 7th – Rolf Hochhuths “Soldaten,” premieres in West Berlin
Oct 8th – Guerrilla leader Che Guevara and his men are captured in Bolivia.
Oct 10th – Brendan Behans “Norstal Boy,” premieres in Dublin
Oct 11th – World Series record 3 consecutive HRs (Carl Yastremski, Reggie Smith, & Rico Petrocelli) by Red Sox
Oct 11th – Yoko Plus Me art exhibit opens in London (the me is John Lennon)
Oct 12th – St Louis Cards beat Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 3 in 64th World Series as Lou Brock steals a record 7 bases in 1 World Series
Oct 13th – CBS radio cancels “House Party”