Episode 364. Point of No Return. #dsxp #darkshadows

I am a wreck. So much is resolved. So much is set up for the future. So much tragedy. Legitimate, Greek-level tragedy. So much is said… and so much exists in what is unsaid. Poetic. Beautifully acted by everyone. With Burke, I feel like I’ve lost a friend. But there’s so much more in this episode. Foreboding and forbidding. Bitter and beautiful. Gordon Russell really wrote the bejinglebells out of this, down to the punch line. It had me in tears, and that just kept building.

When I began this, I never expected to be so gobsmacked by an episode. I am emotionally spent. I’m not kidding.

(By the way, they’re now on episode 365, demanding what I think is séance number four of the show. Then Frid has a great monologue reflecting on Sarah and his moral culpability. Utterly real. This is his turning point into heroism.)