411. He’s back. For the very first time.

“There’s been a drastic change in my life.  I’m no longer really… human.”

Barnabas Collins, ep. 411

Barnabas rises from the grave for the first time to find Angelique over him with a stake.

She is unsuccessful.

Suddenly, all of Frid‘s talents are unbottled.  Playing a goody-goody must’ve been so dull.  But Barnabas is very aware of his complete lack of humanity.  As if he’s suddenly an alien.  He loathes it and yet, he’s suffered so much, you see that it’s clear he’s ready to, um, vigorously apply himself.

Thayer David is heartbreaking as a man who is all heart with a spine of iron, while Louis Edmonds is playing an armored man who is collapsing on the inside.  Watching them both approach the same emotions from such vastly different places is a master class in acting.