Day’s Wrap Up, V-Day Tomorrow, and Video Log

You know what I did today?  I enjoyed DARK SHADOWS.  I wrote an essay and forgot about it completely until I checked the site a few minutes ago and just realized, in my early-morning haze, that I misspelled “Whedon.”  I even forgot to do the “this day in history” section.  Which I’ll do in a sec.

These days are a million years long.

It was 1795.  At last.  While that’s not my favorite sequence of the show, it’s still a peach.  So I just hung out there and went nuts for Lara Parker for the zillionth time.  I appreciate the fact that in DARK SHADOWS, the blondes are all jealous of the brunettes.  As an enthusiast for brunettes, I feel like Dan Curtis was a fellow-traveler.  But I digress.

We’ll have quotes and ravings aplenty tomorrow because it is V DAY!  Around 10-11am, we get Barnabas bitten and turned.  And the best is yet to come!