December 15. Mothman and MIBs! #dsxp #darkshadows #mothman

The collapsed Silver Bridge, as seen from the ...
The collapsed Silver Bridge, as seen from the Ohio side (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, on December 15, 1967, we saw Dark Shadows Episode 385, in which Trask arrives to interrogate Vicky.

On that same day, an hour or so after that episode aired, the Silver Bridge collapsed, taking 46 lives with it.  This was in Point Pleasant, WV, a region near and dear to David Selby.  This collapse ended the rash of Mothman sightings, one of the most terrifying series of events in modern American folklore.  I won’t go into too much detail except to say that the stories surrounding the event are deeply disturbing.

io9 did a fine piece on the Mothman hysteria.

Believe what you will, but my pal, Sasquatch attack survivor, and fellow Shadowsologist, Dave Conover, wove in tales of the Mothman over many a night as we crisscrossed that subject with Dark Shadows.  I’m not sure that any of it is true, but the world is more interesting if I pretend that it is.

One great thing about the Mothman Mythos is that it made Men in Black scary.  The Mothman Prophecies movie had to really downplay them, and it’s a pity.  Real — or “real” — Men in Black phenomena are easily the scariest pieces of American folklore I’ve ever heard.  My hope is that a horror/Fortean franchise will eventually capitalize on just how scary they can actually be.  Even X-Files played them for laughs.  But there’s much more there.

See you in time.

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