Roger Davis, Ghostbuster #dsxp #darkshadows

I got to know of Roger Davis through Don Rosa‘s groundbreaking comic stripCaptain Kentucky, in which real-life celebrities were mixed with a local superhero to great satirical effect.  It was Smigel-before-Smigel and Rosa ended up doing a fantastic run on Scrooge McDuck, etc.  As a comic book writer, Don actually had more influence over me than anyone.

In one of his adventures, Cap ends up at the Seelbach Hotel, which was being renovated by Mr. Davis.  The Seelbach is an amazing and historic hotel, and Mr. Davis did a real mitzvah by getting it back up and running.  It’s also (kinda) where Tom and Daisy got married in The Great Gatsby.  So, yeah, it’s kind of important.  I later met both Jonathan Frid and Roger Davis at a con at the Seelbach… the perfect setting.

I’d first learned of Roger Davis via Captain Kentucky, though.  I’m just posting a couple of panels, but if you’re a Shadows fan, seek out the books!  Roger’s more Hannibal Hayes than Peter Bradford, but the foes are straight out of the Old House.