The Victoria Winters School of Temporal Mechanics

So, the issue of why and how Vicky traveled through time is on her mind.  She went back, she says in 470, “to save one person and to meet another.”

The former is Daniel.  By saving his life, the Collins family line continues.  But I can’t recall him ever dying.  Did he?  So, I suppose someone else saved his life or that he was never in danger in the “Prime Timeline” that Barnabas remembers prior to Vicky’s trip.  So, we can discount that.

It leaves us with the question of, “Why?”

My current theory, and this may change as the show goes on, is that it’s Judah’s attempt to inflict as much pain and confusion on the family as possible.  Vicky’s general ignorance of the period and not-the-sharpest-knife-in-the-drawer-ism was enough of a wild card that it’s a miracle the family survived at all.

I have to keep watching, but I think Judah is the Lebowski’s Rug of the Dark Shadows universe.