Day 18: covering shows aired from 5.1.68 – 6.10.68 #dsxp #darkshadows

Ben Franklin in Paris
Ben Franklin in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

May 1st – “Ben Franklin in Paris” closes at Lunt Fontanne NYC after 215 perfs
May 1st – Phillies J Boozer is ejected for throwing spitballs during his warmup
May 2nd – 1st performance of Roger Sessions’ 8th Symphony
May 2nd – 22nd NBA Championship: Boston Celtics beat LA Lakers, 4 games to 2
May 2nd – Gold reaches then record high ($39.35 per ounce) in London
May 2nd – Israeli television begins transmitting
May 3rd – Holland Pirate Radio Station VRON becomes Radio Veronica Intl
May 4th – 1st ABA championship: Pitts Pipers beat NO Buccaneers, 4 games to 3
May 4th – 94th Kentucky Derby: Ismael Valenzuela aboard Forward Pass wins
May 4th – Dancer Image DQ due to drugs after winning 94th Kent Derby in 2:02½
May 5th – Carol Mann wins LPGA Shreveport Kiwanis Club Golf Invitational
May 6th – Battle between students & troops in Paris, 1000 injured
May 6th – Giants reliever Lindy McDaniel sets NL record of 225th consecutive errorless game (108 chances consecutively since June 16, 1964)
May 6th – Spain closes border to Gibraltar except to Spaniards
May 8th – Jim (Catfish) Hunter of Oakland pitches perfect game vs Twins (4-0)
May 8th – Pulitzer prize awarded to William Styron (Confessions of Nat Turner)
May 10th – Vietnam peace talks began in Paris between the US & North Vietnam
May 11th – Richard Harris releases “MacArthur Park”
May 11th – Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens sweep St Louis Blues in 4 games
May 11th – Students & police battle in Paris, 100s injured
May 11th – The Toronto Transit Commission opens the largest expansion of its Bloor-Danforth Line, going to Scarborough in the east, and Etobicoke in the west.
May 12th – “March of Poor” under rev Abernathy reach Washington, DC
May 12th – Mickey Wright wins LPGA Tall City Golf Open
May 13th – 1,000,000 French demonstrate against De Gaulle & Georges Pompidou
May 14th – Beatles announce formation of Apple Corp
May 14th – Czech government announces liberalizing reforms under Alexander Dubcek
May 14th – RAF-leader Andreas Baader sentenced to 3 years in West Berlin
May 15th – “Wonderwall” with George Harrison premieres at Cannes Film Festival
May 15th – 1st AL game played in Milwaukee, is a 4-2 California win against Chicago
May 15th – A tornado strikes Jonesboro Arkansas at 10 PM, killing 36
May 15th – Paul McCartney & John Lennon appear on Johnny Carson Show to promote Apple records, Joe Garagiola is substitute host
May 16th – Earthquake kills 47 in Japan
May 17th – European Space Research Org launches 1st satellite

May 17th – Frank Howard belts record 8th HR in 5th straight game
May 17th – US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
May 18th – 94th Preakness: Ismael Valenzuela aboard Forward Pass wins in 1:56.8
May 18th – AL Kaline hits his 307th HR, surpassing Hank Greenberg as a Tiger
May 18th – Frank Howard ties AL record with HR in his 6th consecutive game his 10 home runs in the most in 6 games
May 19th – 20th Emmy Awards: Get Smart, Mission Impossible & Barbara Bain
May 19th – Frank Howard fails to homer, after hitting 10 in 6 consecutive games
May 19th – Pirate Radio Brumble of Northern England 1st heard
May 21st – Cubs Billy Williams sets outfielder record of 695 straight game
May 21st – Paul McCartney & Jane Asher attend an Andy Williams concert
May 21st – USSR performs nuclear test (underground)
May 21st – WEKW TV channel 52 in Keene, NH (PBS) begins broadcasting
May 21st – Nuclear-powered sub USS Scorpion, with 99 men, reported missing & is later found at the bottom of the ocean off Azores
May 22nd – Pitts Pirate Willie Stargell hits 3 HRs, a double & a single
May 23rd – AC Milan wins 8th Europe Cup II in Rotterdam
May 23rd – Beatles open 2nd Apple Boutique at 161 New Kings Road, London
May 24th – Haiti closes down shortwave station 4VEH for 40 days
May 24th – Mick Jagger & Marianne Faithfull arrested for drug possession
May 24th – Pres De Gaulle proposes referendum & students set fire to Paris bourse
May 24th – FLQ separatists bomb the U.S. consulate in Quebec City.
May 25th – BPAA All-Star Bowling Tournament won by Jim Stefanich
May 25th – BPAA US Women’s Bowling Open won by Dotty Fothergill
May 25th – Gateway Arch in St Louis dedicated
May 25th – Rolling Stones release “Jumping Jack Flash”
May 25th – Unicorn by The Irish Rovers hits #7
May 26th – Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Dallas Civitan Golf Open
May 27th – 6th Mayor’s Trophy Game, Mets beat Yanks 4-3
May 27th – NL awards Montreal & SD major league franchises
May 27th – Nuclear submarine USS Scorpion is lost
May 27th – The meeting of the Union Nationale des Étudiants de France (National Union of the Students of France) takes place. 30,000 to 50,000 people gather in the Stade Sebastien Charlety.
May 28th – AL announces it is splitting into 2 divisions
May 28th – NL grants San Diego Padres a franchise
May 28th – Senator Eugene McCarthy wins Democrate primary in Oregon
May 29th – Manchester United wins 13rd Europe Cup 1 in London
May 29th – Truth in Lending Act signed into law
May 29th – UN resolves sanctions on white-minority-ruled Rhodesia
May 30th – Beatles begin work on their only double album “Beatles”
May 30th – President De Gaulle disbands French parliament
May 30th – University church in Leipzig German DR, blown up
May 30th – West German Parliament accepts emergency crisis law
Jun 1st – 100th Belmont: Gus Gustines aboard Stage Door Johnny wins in 2:27.2
Jun 1st – Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs Robinson” hits #1
Jun 2nd – Canadians must get government permission to export silver
Jun 2nd – WBLG (now WTVQ) TV channel 62 in Lexington, KY (ABC) 1st broadcast
Jun 3rd – Canada announces it will replace silver with nickel in coins
Jun 3rd – Poor Peoples March on Washington
Jun 3rd – Yanks turn 21st triple-play in their history lose 4-3 to Twins
Jun 3rd – Valerie Solanas, author of SCUM Manifesto, attempts to assassinate Andy Warhol by shooting him three times.
Jun 4th – Don Drysdale pitches his 6th straight shutout, en route to 58 innings
Jun 5th – 12:16AM PST-Sirhan Sirhan shoots Bobby Kennedy, who dies next day
Jun 6th – Senator Robert F. Kennedy dies from his wounds after he was shot the previous night.
Jun 7th – Sirhan Sirhan indicted for Bobby Kennedy assassination
Jun 7th – The body of assassinated U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy lies in state at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York.
Jun 8th – Bermuda adopts its constitution
Jun 8th – Don Drysdale pitches a record 58th consecutive scoreless inning
Jun 8th – Gary Puckett & Union Gap release “Lady Will Power”
Jun 8th – James Earl Ray, alleged assassin of Martin Luther King Jr, captured
Jun 8th – New colonial constitution for Bermuda adopted
Jun 8th – Rolling Stones release “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”
Jun 8th – The body of assassinated U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy is laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.
Jun 9th – 38th French Mens Tennis: Ken Rosewall beats R Laver (63 61 26 62)
Jun 9th – 38th French Womens Tennis: Nancy Richey beats Anne H Jones (57 64 61)
Jun 9th – Carol Mann wins LPGA Bluegrass Ladies Golf Invitational
Jun 9th – Yugoslav president Tito promises reforms
Jun 10th – “Danny Thomas Hour,” last airs on NBC-TV
Jun 10th – AL games at Balt & Chicago postponed honoring Robert Kennedy