Day 20: covering shows aired from 7.19.68 – 8.27.68 #dsxp #darkshadows

Jul 20th – Jane Asher breaks her engagement with Paul McCartney on live TV
Jul 20th – Iron Butterfly’s “In-a-gadda-da-vida” becomes 1st heavy metal song to hit charts, it comes in at #117

Jul 21st – 50th PGA Championship: Julius Boros shoots a 281 at Pecan Valley TX
Jul 21st – Carol Mann wins LPGA Buckeye Savings Golf Invitational
Jul 21st – Jan Janssen wins Tour de France: 1st Dutchman
Jul 22nd – Sir John Newsome recommends public schools should take 50% of their intake from the state school system
Jul 23rd – Fred Blasie wins 5th wrestling world championship belt
Jul 23rd – PLO’s 1st hijacking of an El Al plane
Jul 23rd – Race riot in Cleveland, 11 including 3 cops killed
Jul 24th – Hoyt Wilhelm’s 907th breaks Cy Young’s record for pitching appearances
Jul 25th – Pope Paul VI encyclical against On regulation of birth
Jul 27th – Carol Mann wins LPGA Supertest Canadian Golf Open
Jul 27th – Race Riot in Gary Indiana
Jul 29th – Cincinnati Red George Culver no hits Phillies, 6-1
Jul 29th – Gram Parson refuses to play with the Byrds in South Africa
Jul 29th – Mount Arenal, Costa Rica kills 80 in Pelee-type eruption
Jul 29th – Pope Paul VI, in an encyclical entitled “Humanae Vitae” (Of Human Life), declares any artificial forms of birth control prohibited
Jul 29th – Wash DC Ron Hansen makes unassisted triple play vs Cleve
Jul 30th – Beatles’ Apple Boutique closes, entire inventory is given away
Jul 30th – Wash Senator Ron Hansen makes 1st unassisted triple-play in 41 years
Jul 31st – Beatles close Apple Boutique, giving clothes away for free
Aug 1st – Canada begins replacing silver with nickel in coins
Aug 1st – Cleveland Metroparks begins operating Zoo
Aug 1st – The coronation is held of Hassanal Bolkiah, the 29th Sultan of Brunei.
Aug 2nd – 35th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Green Bay 34, All-Stars 17 (69,917)
Aug 3rd – France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
Aug 4th – 100,000 attend Newport Pop Festival, Costa Mesa, Calif
Aug 4th – Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Gino Paoli Golf Open
Aug 8th – Jarry Park is approved by Mayor Jean Drapeau for interim use by Expos
Aug 8th – Race riot in Miami Florida
Aug 8th – Republican convention in Miami Beach nominates Nixon for pres
Aug 9th – Yugoslav president Tito visits Prague
Aug 10th – Race riot in Miami, Chicago & Little Rock
Aug 10th – Shirley Englehorn wins LPGA Concord Golf Open
Aug 11th – Beatles launch “Apple Records” label
Aug 11th – Satchel Paige, 62, & needing 158 days on a major league payroll to qualify for a pension, is signed by Braves
Aug 11th – The last steam passenger train service runs in Britain. A selection of British Rail steam locomotives make the 120-mile journey from Liverpool to Carlisle and returns to Liverpool before having their fires dropped for the last time – this working was known as the Fifteen Guinea Special.
Aug 14th – Jimmy Ellis beats Floyd Patterson in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
Aug 14th – Montreal Expos officially become a member of NL
Aug 15th – Pirate Radio Free London, begins transmitting
Aug 15th – Romanian president Ceausescu visits Prague
Aug 15th – USSR performs nuclear test at Sary Shagan USSR
Aug 17th – Dick Beyers (Dr X) beats Verne Gagne, to become NWA champ
Aug 18th – Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Holiday Inn Golf Classic
Aug 20th – 650,000 Warsaw Pact troops invade Czechoslovakia
Aug 20th – USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
Aug 21st – After 5 years Russia once again jams Voice of America radio
Aug 21st – Democratic Convention opens in Chicago
Aug 21st – Marine James Anderson Jr is 1st black Medal of Honor winner
Aug 21st – Radio Prague (Czech) at 12:50 AM announces a soviet led invasion
Aug 21st – Warsaw Pact forces enter Czechoslovakia to end reform movement
Aug 21st – William Dana reaches 80 km (last high-altitude X-15 flight)
Aug 22nd – 1st papal visit to Latin America (Pope Paul VI arrives in Bogota)
Aug 22nd – Cynthia Lennon sues John Lennon for divorce on adultry
Aug 22nd – Pope Paul VI opens Eucharistic congress in Bogota
Aug 23rd – Ringo quits Beatles over a disagreement, temporarily
Aug 23rd – Yanks & Tigers play 3-3 tie in 19 due to 1 AM curfew
Aug 24th – France became world’s 5th thermonuclear power, explodes on Mururoa
Aug 25th – Arthur Ashe becomes 1st black to win US singles championship
Aug 25th – Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Ladies World Series of Golf
Aug 25th – NY Yankee outfield Rocky Colavito pitches 2 2/3 innings & beats Tigers 6-5; he played right field in 2nd game & homered