Milestones and Help Requests! #dsxp #darkshadows

Some amazing milestones in the past few days.  Ones I didn’t know I’d see.

1.  We had our twentieth day on Tuesday.  Yep.  Twenty days of ten and a half hours of Dark Shadows per day.

2.  Today we made it halfway through the episodes of the show!  The Dark Shadows saga is now half over.

3.  Monday saw the two-year anniversary of the show.

4.  Finally, yesterday was the one-month anniversary of the launch of the Dark Shadows Experiment.

We still have more days ahead of us than we do behind.  And that’s a good feeling.

The nature of the blog has transformed over the past twenty days, from relentless documentation to a move to Twitter for that (to keep from excess e-mail spammage for followers) to a far more relaxed approach.

What I could use at this point is feedback on what of all of that has been most useful to you in following this.

I very much want you to know how much I value the cheerleading I’ve gotten and the people who check in every day, choose to like articles, and share your own thoughts and experiences.  It makes this feel like a strange community of sorts, and I wish I could buy you all lunch.

Other services make it easy to contact the webmaster.  Wordpress is funny that way.  But charltonx at me dot com is a fine way to reach me directly.

I am at a place now where… well, I won’t say that I’m getting lazy.  Trust me.  There’s a lot of sleep I thought I’d be getting.  But I will say that I have gotten very good at multi-tasking.  That can divert my attention a bit.  If I hear from any of you what you’d like to see me do, or do more of, I’d like that a lot.  Getting your constructive input will help to make this site a living document that records matters of real value in the show.

Okay, I’ll sign off with that.  I have a work project that will occupy me at home — but away from the TV — until Monday morning.  (It’s all on the schedule.)  That’s a good time to reflect, listen, and plan for the next month.

May your shadows always be dark-but-safe.