Day 26: covering shows aired from 3.14.69 – 4.22.69 #dsxp #darkshadows BIG DAY FOR DAVID FORD!

1776 (musical)
1776 (musical) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mar 14th – Barbara Jo Rubin becomes 1st woman jockey to win at Aqueduct
Mar 14th – Seymour Nurse scores 258 in his last Test Cricket innings, WI v NZ
Mar 15th – US Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas resigns
Mar 15th – Violent Chinese-Russian border dispute leaves 100s dead
Mar 16th – “1776” opens at 46th St Theater NYC for 1217 performances
Mar 16th – Boston Bruins scores a NHL record 8 goals in 1 period
Mar 16th – Peter Stone & Sherman Edward’s “1776,” premieres in NYC
Mar 16th – Viasa DC-9 crashes at Maracaibo’s Grano de Oro airport, killing 155
Mar 17th – Golda Meir becomes Israel’s 4th PM
Mar 17th – Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Orange Blossom Golf Open
Mar 18th – “Come Summer” opens at Lunt Fontanne Theater NYC for 7 performances
Mar 19th – British invade Anguilla
Mar 19th – Chicago 8 indicted in aftermath of Chicago Democratic convention
Mar 19th – The 385 metre tall TV-mast at Emley Moor, United Kingdom, collapses due to ice build- up.
Mar 20th – Abebe Bikila’s auto-accident, near Addis Ababa
Yoko OnoMar 20th – Beatle John Lennon marries Yoko Ono in Gibraltar
Mar 20th – US president Nixon proclaims he will end Vietnam war in 1970
Mar 21st – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Mar 22nd – “Billy” opens & closes at Billy Rose Theater NYC after 1 performance
Mar 22nd – “Come Summer” closes at Lunt Fontanne Theater NYC after 7 performances
Mar 22nd – 31st NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship: UCLA beats Purdue 92-72 UCLA wins its 5th national championship in 6 years
Mar 23rd – Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Port Charlotte Golf Invitational
Mar 23rd – Rally for Decency (Miami)
Mar 25th – Andes Pact signed in Peru
Mar 25th – John & Yoko stage their 1st bed-in for peace (Amsterdam)
Mar 25th – Pakistan Gen Agha Mohammed Jagja Khan succeeds Ayub Chan as pres
Mar 26th – Marcus Welby MD, a TV movie is shown on ABC-TV
Mar 26th – Nuclear reactor Dodewaard Neth goes into use
Mar 26th – Soviet weather satellite Meteor 1 launched
Mar 27th – Black Academy of Arts & Letters forms in Boston
Mar 27th – Launch of Mariner 7, flies 2,190-mi above southern Mars
Mar 28th – Pope Paul VI names JGM Willebrands cardinal
Mar 28th – Greek poet and Nobel Prize laureate Giorgos Seferis makes a famous statement on the BBC World Service opposing the junta in Greece.
Mar 29th – Communist New People’s Army found in Philippines
Mar 30th – Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Port Malabar Golf Invitational
Mar 31st – George Harrison & Patti Boyd are fined £250 each for illegal drugs
Apr 1st – Royal Canadian Mint formally forms as a Crown Corp
Apr 1st – Seattle Pilots trade minor league outfielder Lou Piniella to Royals
Apr 1st – The Hawker Siddeley Harrier enters service with the RAF.
Apr 2nd – Milwaukee Bucks sign (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lew Alcindor)
Apr 3rd – Vietnam War: U.S. Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird announces that the United States will start to “Vietnamize” the war effort.
Apr 4th – Denton Cooley gets 1st temporary artificial heart
Apr 5th – Vietnam War: Massive antiwar demonstrations occur in many U.S. cities.
Apr 7th – Dodgers’ Bill Singer is credited with 1st official save, against Reds
Apr 7th – Supreme Court strikes down laws prohibiting private possession of obscene material
Apr 7th – Ted Williams begins managing Wash Senators, they lose to Yanks 8-4
Apr 7th – The Internet’s symbolic birth date: publication of RFC 1.
Apr 8th – 1st Baseball game in Canada – Mont Expos beats NY Mets 10-9
Apr 8th – Expansion teams Royals, Expos, Padres & Pilots win their 1st games
Apr 9th – 1st flight of Concorde 002 (Filton-Bristol)
Apr 9th – Chic Cub Billy Williams hits 4 consecutive doubles beat Phillies 11-3
Apr 11th – South African president Frederik de Klerk marries Marike Willemse
Apr 12th – Simon & Garfunkel releases “Boxer”
Apr 13th – 33rd Golf Masters Championship: George Archer wins, shooting a 281
Apr 13th – Closure of the Brisbane tramway network.
Apr 14th – 1st major league baseball game outside US played (Montreal Canada)
Apr 14th – 41st Academy Awards – “Oliver,” C Robertson & K Hepburn/Striesand win
Apr 14th – KEET TV channel 13 in Eureka, CA (PBS) begins broadcasting
Apr 14th – Student Afro-American Society seized at Columbia College
Apr 14th – Tornado strikes Dacca East Pakistan killing 540
Apr 15th – North Korea shoots at US airplane above Japanese sea
Apr 17th – Bernadette Devlin elected to British house of commons
Apr 17th – Czechoslovakia’s Communist Party chairman Alexander Dubcek deposed

 Apr 17th – Mont Expos Bill Stoneman no-hits Phillies, 7-0
Apr 17th – Sirhan Sirhan is convicted of assassinating Sen Robert F Kennedy
Apr 17th – The Band (formerly The Hawks), perform their 1st concert
Apr 18th – Melina Mercouri establishes Greek Aid Fund
Apr 20th – 23rd Tony Awards: Great White Hope & 1776 win
Apr 20th – Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Lady Carling Golf Open
Apr 21st – 73rd Boston Marathon won by Yoshiaki Unetani of Japan in 2:13:49
Apr 22nd – 1st human eye transplant performed
Apr 22nd – Joe Frazier KOs Dave Zyglewick in 1 for heavyweight boxing title
Apr 22nd – Robin Knox-Johnston ends 312 day non-stop sailing