Day 28: covering shows aired from 6.2.69 – 7.9.69 #dsxp #darkshadows

Yes, our penultimate episode today ends on what would have been seen on this day exactly 43 years ago.  That’s episode 792, where Quentin and Magda summon Angelique to help them get Petofi’s hand back.  Now, that’s a show!

Okay, now our history lesson….

Jun 3rd – Last episode of Star Trek airs on NBC (Turnabout Intruder), an episode seemingly designed to kill the show.
Jun 4th – Beatles release Ballad Of John & Yoko/Old Brown Shoe, in US
Jun 4th – Nicky Hopkins quits rock & rolls, Jeff Beck Group
Jun 4th – 22-year-old man sneaks into wheel pod of a jet parked in Havana & survives 9-hr flight to Spain despite thin oxygen levels at 29,000 ft
Jun 5th – Dutch Antilles government of Kroon resigns
Jun 5th – Race riot in Hartford Connecticut
Jun 5th – The International communist conference begins in Moscow.
Jun 6th – Joe Namath resigns from NFL after Pete Rozelle, football commissioner, said he must sell his stake in a bar
Jun 7th – “Johnny Cash Show,” debuts on ABC-TV
Jun 7th – 101st Belmont: Braulio Baeza aboard Arts & Letters wins in 2:28.8
Jun 7th – Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash combine on a Grand Ole Opry TV special
Jun 7th – Tommy James & Shondells release “Crystal Blue Persuasion”
Jun 7th – Wash Senators draft Jeff Burroughs #1
Jun 8th – “Smothers Brothers comedy Hour,” last airs on CBS-TV
Jun 8th – 21st Emmy Awards: Get Smart, Don Adams & Susan St James
Jun 8th – Brian Jones leaves The Rolling Stones
Jun 8th – General Franco closes Spain’s frontier with Gibraltar
Jun 8th – Mickey Mantle Day, 60,096 saw #7 retired (I was there-BTG)
Jun 8th – Nixon says 25,000 US troops would leave Vietnam by end of August
Jun 8th – Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor replaces Brian Jones
Jun 8th – Susie Berning wins LPGA Lady Carling Golf Open
Jun 9th – Brian Jones quits (sic) Rolling Stones because of his drug problems
Jun 9th – Warren Burger confirmed as US Chief Justice
Jun 11th – “The Ballad Of John & Yoko” by The Beatles hit #1 in UK
Jun 11th – David Bowie releases “Space Oddity”
Jun 13th – Mick Taylor leaves John Mayall Band & joins Rolling Stones
Jun 14th – John & Yoko appear on David Frost’s British TV Show
Jun 14th – Oakland A’s Reggie Jackson gets 10 RBIs to beat Red Sox 21-7
Jun 15th – As a nation trembles, “Hee Haw” with Roy Clark & Buck Owens premieres on CBS TV
Jun 15th – 69th US Golf Open: Orville Moody shoots a 281 at Champs GC in Houston
Jun 15th – Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Patty Berg Golf Classic
Jun 15th – Mets help their power needs by adding 1st baseman Donn Clendenon
Jun 16th – Supreme Court rules suspension of Adam Clayton Powell Jr from House
Jun 17th – “Oh! Calcutta!” opens in NYC (almost entirely in the nude)
Jun 19th – State troopers ordered to Cairo Ill, to quell racial disturbances
Jun 20th – 150,000 attend Newport ’69, Jimi Hendrix gets $120,000 to appear
Jun 20th – Georges Pompidou sworn in as president of France
Jun 20th – White Rhodesia agrees to race separation
Jun 21st – 1st reported hearing of pirate radio WGHP (With God’s Help Peace)
Jun 21st – Dmitri Shostakovitch’s 14th Symphony, premieres in Moscow
Jun 21st – John Pennel pole vaults world record (5.45 m)
Jun 21st – Zager & Evans release “In the Year 2525”
Jun 22nd – Aretha Franklin arrested in Detroit for creating a disturbance
Jun 22nd – Cleveland’s Cuyahgo River catches fire
Jun 22nd – Susie Berning wins LPGA Pabst Ladies’ Golf Classic
Jun 23rd – French government of Couve de Murville resigns
Jun 23rd – Joe Frazier TKOs Jerry Quarry in 8 for heavyweight boxing title
Jun 23rd – Warren E Burger sworn in as Supreme Court Chief Justice
Jun 25th – Longest tennis match in Wimbledon history, Pancho Gonzalez beats Charles Pasarell in 112 game (5hr12m) marathon
Jun 27th – 50,000 attend Denver Pop Festival
Jun 27th – Honduras/El Salvador breaks diplomatic relations due to soccer match
Jun 27th – Police raid Stonewall Gay Bar in Greenwich Village, NY, about 400 to 1,000 patrons riot against police, it lasts 3 days
Jun 28th – John Hampshire scores 107 on Test cricket debut v WI at Lord’s
Jun 28th – Stonewall riots begin in New York City.
Jun 29th – 1st Jewish worship service at White House
Jun 29th – 24th US Women’s Open Golf Championship won by Donna Caponi Young
Jun 29th – On Billy Williams Day in Chicago, the Cubs outfielder passes Stan Musial’s NL record for consecutive games played (896)
Jun 30th – Derek Clayton of Australia sets Marathon record at 2:08:34
Jun 30th – Spain cedes Ifni to Morocco
Jul 1st – Charles Philip Arthur George invested as Prince of Wales
Jul 1st – John & Yoko are hospitalized after a car crash
Jul 1st – Shelby Singleton buys Sun Records from Sam Phillips
Jul 2nd – Ireland bowl out WI for 25 at Londonderry, win by 9 wkts
Jul 2nd – Leslie West & Felix Pappalardi form rock group Mountain
Jul 3rd – 78,000 attend Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, RI
Jul 4th – “Give Peace a Chance” by Plastic Ono Band is released in UK
Jul 4th – 140,000 attend Atlanta Pop Festival featuring Led Zep & Janis Joplin
Jul 4th – 76th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Ann Jones beats Billie J King (36 63 62)
Jul 4th – Italian Rumor government resigns
Jul 4th – USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
Jul 4th – The Ohio Fireworks Derecho kills 18 Ohioans and destroys over 100 boats on Lake Erie.
Jul 5th – 83rd Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Rod Laver beats J Newcombe (64 57 64 64)
Jul 5th – Rolling Stones play a free concert in London’s Hyde Park
Jul 6th – Filming begins on “Ned Kelly” starring Mick Jagger
Jul 6th – Frente Obrero y Liberacion (FOL) forms in Curacao
Jul 7th – Canada’s House of Commons approves equality of French-English lang
Jul 7th – Der Spiegel reveals Munich’s Bishop Defregger is a war criminal