NOW the video link works! #dsxp #darkshadows


Okay, now things are working!



And now, entertainment for the REALLY bored.


Salvadore Dali Sculpture
Salvadore Dali Sculpture (Photo credit: Darwin Bell)


So, just to follow the history….


Filmed it.  Bad lighting.  Looked fat.


Filmed it.  I dunno.  Something else happened.  I’m beta testing some software and hilarity ensued.


Mission Control and I filmed it.  That worked.  It wouldn’t post.


Exported it to the desktop and then logged on to youtube.  IMported it from there.


Then Comcast stopped working.


Used a secondary means to get into youtube and wordpress.  Put out a post.


The link didn’t work.


Used tertiary devices to get and post a link that would work.


I need a nap.