In Collinsport, at least, these things are true…. #dsxp #darkshadows

I had originally imagined this as “Everything I Need to Know I Learned from DARK SHADOWS.”  But the lessons are pretty, pretty dark.  Still, these are truisms from the show that are contradicted many places.

I don’t necessarily believe these things.  

Again, as with Stokes Quotes, this is a partial and growing list, only.

1.  Your first loves will will always haunt you.  For better.  For worse.

2.  Your true loves are often very close to you, but you can’t get past the memory of the first love to see the true love.

3.  We must teach ourselves to trust completely and to be completely prepared when that falls apart.  Good luck.

4.  No matter where we go, we meet essentially the same people.  Costumes change.  Accents differ.  That’s it.  And it’s a small casting pool.

5.  When someone new is “written into the show” of life, it is often significant.  Pay attention.  Be ready for life to change considerably.

6.  Evil contains the seeds of goodness… except when it doesn’t.

7.  We all live in the past.

8.  The past is never really over.

9.  A good person knows the difference between right and wrong because they have been told.  A hero knows the difference because he’s experienced the power of wrong and has chosen to honor the necessity of right, usually accompanied by hardship and struggle.

10.  Be suspicious of happiness.  Someone’s making other plans.

11.  Strength will be abused.

12.  Evil often seems to exist to kill boredom.

13.  There are two types of consequences: inadequate or debilitating.

14.  Bad people usually get away with it.  That’s why good people need each other.

15.  People change.

16.  No motive to do good is ever really simple.  Most bad motives are.

17.  We are shaped by our secrets, and our secrets shape those who keep them.

18.  The greater the talent, the greater the potential collateral damage from its exercise, even when necessary.

19.  An hero chooses to be everything necessary, with no question or condition, and by example inspires those around them to even greater deeds.

20.  Surround yourself with people smarter and more willing than you.  They will perceive you as greater in ways you cannot see.




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