The Dark Shadows Experiment Concludes! Stay Tuned! #dsxp #darkshadows

You can pinch all you want, you’re still not dreaming!

Starting at 7:00am eastern time, July 25, 2012, we conclude the perhaps world-and-sanity-record-breaking megathon of Dark Shadows Viewing.  It will be the 45th day of the Dark Shadows Experiment.  Essays.  Reviews.  Ranting. Videos.  Skype.  Twitter.  Live streaming!  Follow what happens episode-by-episode!

The announcement of more ludicrous media stunts will probably happen, too.

Yes, it will be a multi-media, privacy invading invitational of Web 2.0 proportions.  Don’t miss out!

Will it be a celebratory gala or the first scene with Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now?

Visit the site often and follow the excitement on twitter @therealmccray to find out!