The Results Are Coming In. #dsxp #darkshadows

Aspirations and Results

Like any good experiment, this was approached with a hopeful objectivity.  Given that it’s the final day, I thought it would be good to revisit what I wanted to accomplish with what actually happened.

Was ‘collecting justified’?


That was the subtitle of this website and one of the purposes of it.  My friend Louis was always bewildered by my video collecting, asking if I’d ever get around to watching it.  So, yes, I did.  But at an incredible sacrifice of time and energy.  I may have weirded out a friend or two.  In the past year, I feel as if Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant are changing the nature of home video archiving in exactly the way I’ve predicted for years.  I now look at a number of my DVD’s and question why they are there.  Sometimes I see them as a statement of identity.  Someone can come into my home, look at the books, movies, and CD’s, and ‘read’ me pretty quickly.  In John Waters’ concert film, This Filthy World, he talks about the deal-breaking element of dating someone who has no books.  So I don’t want to chuck my DVD’s.  But unless my very busy life changes, I’m not sure when I’ll be watching the rest.  These TNG blurays are a good example.  I feel almost obligated to get them, but when will I watch them?  Consequently, I’m looking at downsizing that collection and have greatly reduced the number of DVDs that I collect.

From my initial essay…

“I’d have to do other things for a lot of it, with DS in the room.”

I got better with digital art.  However, I was unable to get any real writing done.  That’s incredibly distracting; I’m experiencing that, now, as 1841PT plays in the foreground.

“I’d have to break it up with exercise… perhaps moving a treadmill into the living room. What would that do to me? Could I take it? How would I evolve? Or devolve? Would the added physical activity make me stronger?”

I stayed active and did quite a bit of walking.  I also moved around constantly, bouncing from couch to kitchen to office-area.  And on the treadmill.  But not as much as I wanted.  I have lost some weight, which unfortunately shows everywhere by my face, which is what gets seen.

“Would I cherish my outside time more?”

Oh yes.  But I was just as often distracted because I was thinking about the show and returning to it.  And I missed two Saturdays off due to catching up.

“Would it be a bizarre way to increase self-discipline?”

Certainly, but my schedule really remained the victim of the invasiveness of the Outside World.

“How would it be documented?”

Clearly, this shifted to daily videos.  That was an easy fix.  The initial spate of constant writing was exhausting and made me more of a prisoner to the show rather than a cohabitant.  While shooting and editing, editing, editing the videos took a lot of time, I think I did some creative stuff, learned a ton, and produced a solid video journal.  I pulled one video (which I’ll post later today) because it worried my father.  It was a moment of self-disappointment and actually contains some of my most honest work.  For historical purposes, it probably needs to go up.  Overall, I wish that people I knew had watched the logs consistently.  I worked hard on them, kept them relatively brief, and tried to make them amusing.  Here is an example of a constant conversation I have…

Them: Here’s a brilliant insight that you might not have had.

Me: You know, I actually covered that in Thursday’s video.

Everyone sighs.  Fin.

“Did I recapture how I felt as a kid when I watched these?”

No.  Honestly, it went deeper.  I now identify much more with the emotional arc of Barnabas and less with Quentin.  Not sure how I feel about that.  Also, a background of theatre has made me appreciate the acting technique and the scope of the production they accomplished.

“How would I balance out living an ordinary life with accomplishing the project?”

I’m still waiting to get a (cosmetic) car repair.  So, that was not a slam dunk.

Did I get a rest by going ‘home’?

Yes.  I have extremely mixed feelings about leaving, so maybe a bit too much.

Did I increase self-discipline?

I’ll take the fifth.  Yes in that I finished each set of viewings within the twenty-four hours with which they began.  So, I did stay on schedule.  Being able to do that on a regular, job-type shift was just impossible.

Could I socialize during it?

Yes, although none of my friends (except for Mission Control) had/caught the bug.  I did have to limit the nature of it, lest I miss too much.  One day, I actually rewound.

More data as in….