Unearthed… Hidden Gems from the Dark Shadows Experiment Archives! Coming Soon! #dsxp #darkshadows



Found some really interesting stuff as I reorganized my videos!

Among it is…

1.  The first (and I thought lost) take on the First Full Day in 1840.  This was replaced by the one-word-answer interview, but it accounts for a missing day in the logs.  And I go into much greater detail.  It has pretty music, too, and a totally different feel due to a new editing program I was test running.

2.  The initial video log reaction to Angelique’s death.

3. The transcript only of my reaction later that night.  If I released the video, it would become the “Leave Britney alone!” of the Dark Shadows community.  But in transcript form, it’s perfectly safe.

(However, it does make me sympathize with that “Leave Britney Alone” guy.  And let’s throw in that poor “Star Wars Kid” while we’re at it.)

4.  A short film for the thousands of crossover Godfrey Reggio , Philip Glass, and DSXP fans out there of (part of) a day in the life of the DSXP called, BARNABASQATSI.

5.  The original “curse” video.  This was the original video for Day 26.5.  The first day (and only) day when I got behind.  It had been a day in which I lived in interesting times, and I went all Black Irish Pseudo Yeats in my musings on it.  It was up for a few hours, but I pulled it because I thought it too brooding.  However… everyone who’s seen it subsequently regards it as one of the best log entries.  They seem to think it’s a crucial moment in the Experiment, and I agree.

6.  In two-parts, the discussion I had with Mission Control after viewing the final episode.  I trimmed the beginning to avoid any of the sounds of the episode’s end to preserve digital media rights, etc, etc.  It’s a good discussion, and includes a vital toast to Don Briscoe.  All in all, it’s only twenty minutes, but that exceeds clip-length limits on YouTube.

I am also making DARK SHADOWS EXPERIMENT: THE MOTION PICTURE.  It sews the log entries, etc, together into the longest clips that YouTube will allow.  If you enjoyed the commentaries, it’s the best way for you to make an easier playlist and for me to revel in the dulcet sound of my own voice.

By the way, I am loosely pondering a trip to the Memphis area (perhaps for the Labor Day Weekend) to visit the resting place of Don Briscoe.  If anyone wants to meet me there (or come along on the trip), I’m buying the BBQ.  I know that someone was able to conduct an interview with Don late into his life.  Any idea how to get in touch with him/her?