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Hello, gang…

Been getting e-mail from friends of the Foundation saying how much they miss it, so I’ll throw out some items to keep youse guys in the loop.  Just wrapped up the musical of JEKYLL & HYDE, and was delighted that our Jekyll ended up — completely accidentally — reminding me of the good Dr. Longworth.  A happy coincidence!

I keep contemplating writing a review of the new movie.  You know, a proper one.  And there’s, um, a lot to review.  But is that worth my time?  Everything is wrong with that miserable shambles of a film.  That says it.  And it’s so wrong that it just infuriates me.  So, for now, there’s my review.  And my blood pressure returns to normal.  Heck, I could do a Page-a-Day calendar of things they screwed up, and easily fill out a year.  Easily.  If you want that, let me know.

So, as far as history goes, there are two items that are almost ready.  One is the long-awaited, DARK SHADOWS EXPERIMENT: THE MOVIE.  Parts 1 and 2.  In which I abuse YouTube‘s new length allowances to put together the video-logs of the 2012 Experiment.  The second part has some extras thrown in for good measure.

Cousin Barnabas had great success with his “What would your third Dark Shadows movie be?” contest.  In the words of John Adams in 1776, “I, of course, am to be congratulated.”  Why?  Well, it was an idea we brainstormed on together, the main reason why I didn’t enter.  But I had great titles lined up.  They were….

Secret of Dark Shadows
Legacy of Dark Shadows
Nightmare of Dark Shadows
Sins of Dark Shadows
Vengeance of Dark Shadows
Betrayal of Dark Shadows
Flight of Dark Shadows
Creatures of Dark Shadows
Crypt of Dark Shadows
Sea of Dark Shadows
Mists of Dark Shadows
Seduction of Dark Shadows
Lair of Dark Shadows
Mistress of Dark Shadows
Cries of Dark Shadows
War of Dark Shadows
Tombs of Dark Shadows
Chamber of Dark Shadows

And my personal favorite, FURY OF DARK SHADOWS.  Yes, I would see a movie called FURY OF DARK SHADOWS.  I think we all would.

Then again, DARK SHADOWS OF THE PLANET OF THE APES is amazing.  It could repair two franchises ruined by Tim Burton.

In other news, I’ve been catching up on my Big Finish listening.  I need to review those.  THE BLIND PAINTER and DEATH MASK are both sublime, and actually add to the mythos in necessary ways.  We get wonderful stuff on Tony Peterson in the latter, and Roger Davis comes into his own as a mature and thoughtful actor, fleshing out Charles Delaware Tate in the former. Who knew those would be so enticing?  But they are must-listens!

As far as The Dark Shadows Experiment goes, I remain convinced that this kind of intensive, sweat lodge-like viewing schedule is the only way to fly.  As I’ve explained elsewhere, I have a… complicated… relationship with BABYLON 5.  I need to confront it.  Be open enough for it to win me over.  And if I have a cavil or question, deal with it.  So this Christmas has me in intensive time with a show that really did change everything.  With Shadows.  And a dysfunctional family.  And trials and divided loyalties.  And arc-driven stories.  Sounds like, you know, DARK SHADOWS.

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So, that’s the skinny from the Foundation.  Send news my way!  More to come!