Riddle Me This: To Comment or Not to Comment? #dsxp #darkshadows

Gosh, as I drive home, I listen to the 2012 Film Titled Dark Shadows that’s trapped in my iPhone and I rattle off review notes of one kind or another.  The golden thing about a really bad movie is that it makes obvious the good qualities of the source material it ignores.  (For example, Roger Collins.  Suddenly, Louis Edmonds seems like he should be clutching a mug saying “#1 Dad” rather than a brandy snifter.)  I could write about it.  I could even insert myself, Forrest Gumpianly, into the reviews of others, as if it were a dialogue.  But I could also do a spoken commentary.  Yeah, I could mess with figuring out iTunes or I could simply upload it to YouTube.  Not the movie.  You’d just sych it up with the movie and finally have something else to listen to.  Not sure what the visuals would be.  While I am devilishly handsome, that might be an overwhelming distraction since I’d want you watching the movie as you’d listen.

I have the b5xp burning a hole in my attention, so if I do this, it needs to be soon!  Thoughts?