Notes for future analysis on class structure within a reverse-engineered DS narrative. So have fun. #dsxp #darkshadows

Looking ahead to the DSXP of summer of 2014, I must remember to see the show through the lens of its final moments.  Everything has been burned away but the essentials, and it is marvelously revealing as to what has not burned away.

We are left with The Karlen, The Barrett, The Frid, and The Parker as truly active agents with much at stake and much satisfied.

The lessons I see here have a great deal to do with social class mobility.  That is a tension that exists from the moment Vicky walks into Collinwood.  How can one be a Collins?  Who would want to?  This is a family caught up in secrets and repression.  It is only by opening the Fortress that they seem to introduce healers… those from very different worlds.  But it’s Hell on them.  Few survive.  But those who do prove that they have the true fortitude of character that is immediately ascribed to a Collins upon birth, but so few actually merit.  If anything, the surviving, external healers teach the family what it means to be a Collins.

That idea of “what it means to be a Collins” was an essay topic I toyed with forever.  I never followed it up because of the generally shady nature of most of the Collins Clan.  The three pivotal figures are The KLS, The Karlen, and The Parker.  Both The KLS and The Parker are working class women, forever branded as outsiders to the regal Collins family.  Cooks and Maids.  The KLS shows spunk for so long, but just… falls apart.  Can’t blame her.  The Parker does not.  Is it because she’s a fighter?  I think the Parker wants what she knows she deserves.  I think the KLS just wants to escape what she knows she doesn’t deserve.

I must ponder The Karlen.