The Dark Shadows Experiment Collected Videos. Perfect for the Holidays. #dsxp #darkshadows

Okay, America.  It’s what you’ve been clamoring for!

Because YouTube has upped the acceptable length of videos, I can now present, stitched together like Dr. Lang’s Adam, himself, the collected video logs of the Dark Shadows Experiment Project of 2012 Phase One.

These are important for two reasons.

1.  I spent a lot of time on them.

2.  They’re where some of my best and most personal reflections went.  I’ve said this before, but nary a day went by when a friend would ask, “So, what do you think about such-and-such,” and I’d have to explain that I’d just made a video about that.  They’d look at the floor.  I’d look at the floor.  So now, put your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone on the floor, look down, and enjoy.  (And part two has special features toward the end!)