The Long Night #b5xp #babylon5 #dsxp

On this end, it’s been a very long night.  Tech disasters have reached the surreality I’ve come to count on.

I just wanted to jot a brief note that the episode, THE LONG NIGHT, which I’m screening now, is one of those amazing hours of television that comes along all too rarely.  This show is not without warts.  It can be sarcastic, ponderous, pretentious, and very often dull.

But so is life.

Now, it’s all paying off.  As with the Collins Family, seeing the ultimate destinies of these characters is simply sublime.  Stephen Furst deserves special thanks, revealing layers I never thought possible with the character.

Then Sheridan orders a man to his death.  After he and Ivanova have had the conversations that are only possible with three years of simmering.  I’m sold.