Conrad Bain, RIP. And I really don’t like writing that. #dsxp #darkshadows #conradbain

I am very sad about the passing of Conrad Bain, and I feel vaguely guilty.  Silly, I know.  I hate that this is my first entry since the finalized face lift for the site, but life made other plans.

He was an instant, outsider’s in-joke.  All you had to do was refer to him, and you’d get a laugh.

As with references to Bea Arthur, it was a similar disservice.  He was a hardworking actor, and that’s not easy to pull off.  Honestly, my only Dark Shadows regret is that they never found more for him to do.

My main memory of him was from his later sitcom work.  On that, he was the epitome of warmth and class.

Thanks, Mr. Bain.

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