No, it’s not DARK SHADOWS, but…. #dsxp #darkshadows #hanselandgretelwitchhunters

ImageDid you see and like BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA?  How about LABYRINTH?  Then stop reading and go see this movie.

But if you insist on staying….

HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS takes everything wrong about This Kinda Stuff and does everything right with it.  The DS2012 team should have had this as an example if they’d been set on giving the film a balance of comedy.  I could go on at great length, or I can go on and enjoy my life.

In between:

Postmodernism is not the devil, but like farce, it is damnably hard to get right.  This gets it right.  It nods at the audience with respect, but never winks at them.  It takes material that could have been either twee or dour, and does neither with it.  It entertained me.  It treated me as if I’d seen other movies without making it about me & the filmmakers having seen other movies.

Its laughs never come at the expense of my common sense.  Its action is brutal without dwelling on its brutality.  It has no interest in sparing the bad guys or in hugging anyone.  It delivers the things we used to rely upon R-rated movies to deliver.  It moves quickly without becoming jarring.  And the jokes in the film are all based on things that are familiar, but the movie never lingers on those facts so that the proceedings become stale.

The whole famous-person-or-character-fights-monsters thing can be so tiresome in the wrong hands.  Imagine a film made before that fad, and how refreshing it would be.  Okay, I give you that movie.

These films often get ignored because they are late to the party.

It was produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, and it shows their good taste — the sensibility that crafted ANCHORMAN, not STEPBROTHERS.  Doesn’t mean that it shares their sense of humor any more than THE FLY feels like a Mel Brooks movie.  It’s not the film they would have made, but the film they would want to see.

I see every, major, studio horror film that comes out every year.  I dreaded sitting down to this one, but did so as a good, company man.  This is only marginally “horror,” and it’s easily the most memorable film for me in any genre in ages, nimbly leapfrogging off the shoulders of CABIN IN THE WOODS with a respect, grace and an eye on a puckish and delightful horizon.