Wackiest Episode Guide in Town #dsxp #darkshadows

I have been going through the archives to find some of the most important episodes as I noted them last summer. These might not be the most important episodes, but they were the most interesting ones at the time. Take a look at them, and see if you can decipher the significance behind my weird code.

Still need to go through May, but this is my list of standout episodes in my own code from the summer. Enjoy.

50 ghosts appear and the show goes gothic!

52 ghost of Josette

201 Roger Confesses

211 Pure Joy

250 Maggie’s guts!

251 Barnabas goes evil

271 Guns!

341 Goodbye Woodard

349-351 Ancient Barnabas

364-365 Goodbye 20th C

405 This is the moment.

410-411 He’s Back

426 Nihilism! Rosetta stone

427 ROTLA meets 1776 INCREDIBLE

429 Frid monologue

464 Stokes is in!

490 Adam lives!

499 Show at its saddest

506 Stokes takes on Angelique

512 Barnabas Trial by ghost

518 Goodbye sam evans

523 Trask/Blair staredown

535 Barnabas jumps on dream curse grenade

536 Loomis redefined!

538-539 Victory!

547 Barnabas turns down chance to kill Angelique

556 Angelique: Vampire!

581 Angelique strapped to table.

622 back to the 1700’s

628 Diabolos

631 B kills Tom

633/634 “if you see only one episode”

637 Vicki future?

640 Wolf

643 Quentin’s Theme

658 Crothers goes nuts

661 Flashback Kinda

664 Flashabck. Barnabas owns his vampirism

694 Apocalypse One

753 Werewolf!

765 Stunts!

766 Magic Combo

767 Dream sequence

778 hand dialogue

798 799 mourning

801 Unicorn soliloquoy

857 Sea Tramp Skeleton

862 Doublecross

868 Bx2

1011 B released in pt

1060 Ragnarok begins

1096 Scariest Episode

1108 It’s over. All, all over.

1109 It’s over some more.

1168 Crucial B/A episode

1177 THE monologue

1191 Gabriel Dies

1195 core dialogue