To do my best internet work, I have to use a pen and paper. #dsxp #darkshadows

Well, we’re at T-34 days.  I’ve actually recorded two videos, but have yet to send them off to YouTube.  I’ve moved those operations from iPad to computer.  It makes some things faster.  Others, not so much.

Gearing up all over the place.  With my most recent show open, I only have to finish out the work year… which is just a few weeks… and then it’ll be nothing but SHADOWS.

Today, I actually bought a paper journal with a three-ring binder and paper.  What’s next?  The Charleston?  After years of championing digital ho0-haas, the overwhelming practicality of the old-fashioned way of Keeping Track of Stuff just overcame me.

Mission Control knows of my plans to employ various programs to limit my internet access during the daytime phases of the experiment.  It’s a focusing tool.  I get distracted very easily, and this is all about focus.  To pull this off, I’ll need to stay VERY focused.  I may have a device devoted solely to twitter and blog posting (during the day), but that would be it.  I’m of two minds about this. Yes, it’s a great focusing method.  It puts me… vaguely… in the mindset of Barnabas.  Well, not exactly, but a tad closer.